Hey!  I’ve expanded to Fiverr!
So I’ve got this new product on Fiverr and soon will be expanding it to Etsy.  Right now you can go on to my gigs by clicking HERE and access my two options for a custom, uniquely written letter to your little one from either Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy!
Right now, these are for digital downloads but soon on Etsy I’ll offer upgraded packages for the letters to be mailed to you with the option of add-ons to make the package super special and a keepsake for years to remember.
Plus I’ll be adding other characters soon.  So keep an eye out.
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Tune in next Monday for my newest feature on the blog.  I’ll be spotlighting a new business each month that follows in the same vein as Nicolyndime’s focus to spread joy, confidence, and positivity to women.

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