Not Enough Vintage Halloween! An Easy Halloween Paper Craft.

There’s never enough vintage in my house.  I probably wouldn’t stop until I had a kitchen straight out of a 50’s movie set.  It’s harder to get the vintage going in other areas because, well… it’s not the 50’s anymore!
But I thought I had a LOT of vintage Halloween.  I got it all out, and had it on the floor and it sure looked like a lot.
But once I started setting up my vignettes, I realized… nope, not enough vintage.
This would have been an easy fix in PA.  I would go to the thrifts and find something vintage, or something that looked vintage.  Pat Catan’s (oh how I miss thee) would most likely have some vintage Halloween repro.  Something would have ended up in my cart.
But here in Florida land…. I scoured three thrift stores over the course of several days and all I found was this:
Seriously!  These thrifts should have all the Halloween goodies out… but thrifting is pretty big here so my fear is it is all gone.
So what’s a gal to do when she wants to have more vintage Halloween but there’s none in sight?  You make some of your own of course!
Last night I whipped up some of these easy peasy rosettes, and an elementary school paper chain.
To my delight, they seriously breathed some Halloween style into my kitchen.




 I’m not done, but nice to see that some black and orange construction paper can bring in the festivities.  Soon I’ll be giving you a tour of all of the vignettes in the house, plus the story behind specific items!