Vintage and Nostalgic Halloween Home Tour

I had a Halloween Party planned… but everyone started cancelling last minute so we had to cancel last minute.  Truth be told, I may not have gotten out my decorations for a second year in a row if it weren’t for planning that party that never came to fruition.
Last year my precious vintage Halloween collection was still in storage, and I didn’t make it there to get it out.  October crept up on me as I was settling into my new life here in Florida.  This year however, I was able to get it out and add to it a bit.
I enjoyed creating my vignettes, and I always enjoy sharing my memories with my blog readers.
What’s Halloween without a Jack o lantern?  My gramma bought this one for me when I was in elementary school.  I don’t remember there being a huge amount of them before this, and I think I had one of the first electric pumpkins ever.  It’s on the good old oak ice box.

On top of the ice box I have my paper mache vintage reproduction collection.  Most of these are from Pat Catan’s back in PA.  That place was always a sure bet for finding some great, super affordable, holiday decor with a vintage flair.  This year I found this tall black cat on the left at Hobby Lobby.  He fits in well with the family.

Here’s my roadside bookshelf adorned with a cheap Party City tinsel garland and other Pat Catan’s gems.  On top is some REAL vintage Halloween stuff.  These vintage blow molds were found for either $1 or less than a dollar a piece at a great little consignment store back home.  I miss that one too.  Definitely on the list when I visit again.
Remember my bare top of kitchen cabinets, and how I was looking to spruce them up in the last post?  I spruced.  I went a-thrifting and found some additions.  That large paper jack o lantern just to the right of the large black and orange pinwheel has lenticular eyes and I think might be vintage or close to it.  It was a large Hallmark card, and someone laminated it to use for years and years.  The candy corn is a plush boyds bears accessory.  I think I’ll continue looking for or making items to add to this little vignette.
On the other side of my kitchen I had planned to clear this area for a buffet.  My autumn cookbooks, thermos avon cologne, and my made by me vintage inspired Halloween noisemakers create a scene.  I also kept my cast iron stove toy/salesman model since it seemed to fit in nicely.
There’s not much space to decorate in the living room, but I finally got out my gramma’s pumpkin.  It’s a ceramic pumpkin her friend made her in 1976.  I remember this being out every year on the coffee table.  Inside were her little yarn scarecrow, and this plastic fall foliage I placed around the house.  The sign is also a Pat Catan’s find.

Lastly is the decor in the main bathroom.  I found that large wax jack o lantern at Goodwill years ago, and the sign was from Pat Catan’s.  To my surprise, after choosing these decorations, I realized the jack o lanterns on the sign and the ones on the towel nearly matched.  A happy accident, as I wasn’t even meaning for that to happen.  The trolls were from my collection as a kid.  Although I downsized, I kept the holiday ones, an also did the same with my rubber duck collection.
Lastly, I had put together this little candy buffet for our guests before the party got cancelled.  Now it will serve as the candy in case we get trick or treaters.
I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!!  Enjoy the start of the Nostalgia Season!