Soul Sisters Feature| Female Entrepreneurs who Empower: Miriam Popp


My second strong female entrepreneur in the series is Miriam Popp.  Miriam contacted me, and once I read a little about her on her website, I knew she would be my next feature.  The first thing that drew me to her was her clever use of her name in her tagline.  Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching, Let’s add some Popp to your life.  I love it when businesses do this, so much so that I named my blog/ business Nicolyndime.  (I’m Nicolyn, nice to meet you by the way.)
Miriam is a Serenity Coach who encourages women to “throw glitter all over their life.”  Glitter makes everything better.  She owns Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching.  We all feel a little lost sometimes, and it’s great that there are passionate people like Miriam who have paved the way for themselves, and walk their talk, to make it easier for those of us that need a little guidance to make something happen in our own lives.  Miriam holds one on one coaching, as well as group coaching sessions around LA called Soul Workouts that empower women to glow and grow through exercise and deep real talk for self discovery and connection.
In her late 20’s she began to discover that she needn’t be a victim to her negative thoughts, and found new coping skills for her life.  She spent a time doing fitness competitions and was completely involved in dieting and exercising, but felt completely disconnected from herself.  Her life wasn’t at all what she wanted, so she did something about it.  Miriam pursued an education in holistic wellness, which led her to her current work in helping other women.
She loves watching women come into the realization that they had the power all along.  Sounds a little like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but Miriam’s favorite character is the Little Mermaid because she went after what she wanted full force, and did not stop until she had it.
Miriam’s greatest joy is seeing women flourish as limitless and boundless beings who go out into the world and find their own answers.
When asked what she would tell her 10 year old self she said, “You are likeable, it’ll be so easy to make new friends.  Just be YOU.  Don’t worry you are safe.  Get all the Lisa Frank school supplies you can and save them forever.”
Ah yes, I’d tell myself to save a lot of those kinds of things too, Miriam.
Her final thoughts:  “You’ll find what you are looking for in life, good or bad.  Go after your happy ending.  What you seek you will always find.”
You can just feel her inspirational, can do attitude exude from her interview.  Miriam’s journey is a lot like mine, and many others, which is why it’s important to find a coach that you feel a soul connection with.    Either way, her words are true and hopeful, and we can all find a little hope in ourselves.  If you need a little help, try contacting Miriam through her website above.  I’m sure you’ll feel better just by visiting her website, but also be sure to stop by her Special Gifts page!