Valentine’s Day Easy Dessert Ideas

Sweets for your sweetie, or your sweet tooth!
These super easy no bake dessert recipes are two of my favorites!  Why?  Because they are super duper easy, they whip together in no time, and no need to fire up the oven or use multiple pans and bowls!  Less dishes = more time to spend doing what you want or love to do.
Chocolate Eclair Dessert:
This is a recipe my grandma made for me all the time, and is my absolute childhood favorite.  I thought she invented it when I was little, until I had it somewhere else, but was glad to know I could hunt down the recipe on the internet later in life.  I’m so glad that it’s now one of my husband’s favorites too.  And I think I’m going to have to make it really soon.
It’s always better the next day so it’s a great recipe to toss together ahead of time.
I’m linking this recipe to allrecipes, but my gramma always made it with French Vanilla pudding and it adds a little extra if you can find it.  She also put a semi hard glossy chocolate on top, which I sometimes do too.  I think the chocolate she used has long since been discontinued, but I add a few handfuls of melted milk chocolate chips to the can of prepared chocolate frosting to get it to a more fudgy consistency.
My next recipe is an easy truffle candy that uses just three ingredients!
Oreo Cookie Ball Truffles
This is one of those recipes that you can have some fun with too.  I discovered it trying to make some truffles for my gramma since she loved them so much.  I’d always buy them for her on Valentine’s day, and then when I started to get a little savvy in the kitchen, I wondered how to make them.  I found these, and have been bringing these to parties ever since.  I just love how you can add little decorations, or colored chocolate to get as fancy or as simple as you like.  These are so easy to devour, and never last long!
Enjoy making these easy desserts for Valentine’s Day or anytime!