Things You Should Be Cleaning More Often and You’re Not!

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And speaking of clogging up your inbox, I’m checking in today to point out some things you SHOULD be cleaning more often but you’re not, (or ::gasp:: not at all!)
  1.  Laptop:  2 ways to clean.  Cleaning the actual physical laptop.  Using an alcohol prep wipe clean the keys, and mouse area.  Use some screen cleaning towelettes for the screen.  Second way to clean is the inside of the computer.  Go through every file and every area you have on your computer to delete photos, documents, pdfs, etc.  Free up disc space by cleaning out unnecessary files in the control panel.  You can defrag while you’re at it too.
  2. Phone and other handheld devices:  AGAIN:  2 ways,  You should be cleaning your phone often and regularly with an alcohol prep wipe.  Take some time to go through your phone and save photos and videos to another source, so you can free up space on your phone.  It takes a while but I email photos and videos to myself so I can save them.
  3. Pet bowls:  I’m guilty of this one too.  You should be cleaning the bowls once a day with the family dishes.  Our pets deserve clean bowls too!
  4. Toothbrush:  This one is gross to think about, but since you store your toothbrush in the bathroom, your toothbrush is at risk from germs from the potty and mildew.  I have an electric toothbrush, but you can do this with your manual toothbrush also.  About once a week, I take the toothbrush head off, and place it into a shallow small dish, then fill the dish enough to cover the head with peroxide.  If you have a manual toothbrush, just find a small cup to place the brush, bristles side down in.  I leave the brush overnight, and rinse very well in the morning.  I also use an alcohol prep wipe to clean the handle.
  5. Face Brush:  I use the same method to occasionally allow my ultrasonic face brush to foam those small areas that are hard to reach.  On a more frequent basis, I take the brush head off and use some Dawn dish soap on a toothbrush to clean the back and lather up the front with my fingers in order to cut through any dirt, grease, and makeup that may have built up.
  6. Garbage Disposal:  I like to pour baking soda and vinegar down both drains then plug up the sink and fill with hot soapy water.  I allow the baking soda+vinegar to do it’s job, then I rinse it all away with the soapy water, while the disposal runs awhile.  Afterwards, I often follow up with some lemon peel and cold water, while the disposal is running to give an extra fresh boost.
  7. Toilet scrub brush:  In the very least you need to rinse the brush after you use it when you flush the potty after cleaning.  But every once in a while you should also fill a bucket with a diluted bleach water mixture and allow the brush to soak for several minutes.  Use the bleach water to flush down the potty.  If you have a septic system, or want to avoid using bleach, you can use vinegar as a substitute.
  8. Dish cloth, Dish towel, Hand towels:  You can easily sanitize your dish cloth by microwaving it for 2 minutes.  Make sure it’s damp.  You should also clean hand towels and dish towels every few days.  Most people don’t wash their hands properly, so bacteria can be transferred to towels.  Towels tend to be moist, where bacteria LOVE to breed quickly.  Get a few more hand towels so you won’t have to throw a load of laundry together just to have fresh towels!
  9. Bath Pouf/ Loofah:  You wouldn’t use a wash cloth over and over so why would you do the same with that mass of netting hanging in your shower?  Same goes for your loofah, that has all those little holes just harboring mold and bacteria.  Use the diluted bleach or vinegar method for the potty brush, and do the same with your loofah, and/or pouf.  Rinse VERY well and thoroughly when finished!
  10. Makeup:  Including brushes!  This is not a science experiment, and you certainly don’t want it on your face.  Using an alcohol prep wipe, frequently wipe down the outsides of the containers of makeup, and wash your brushes with a brush shampoo, or Dawn dish soap in a pinch.  Remember to let everything air dry thoroughly.  Replace makeup that has changed color, consistency or scent.  You already know you shouldn’t be storing that makeup stash in the bathroom…. RIGHT?!
Once you look at your home, and your environment from a deep clean perspective, you will find many more places that you should be cleaning more often.
Do you have any tips, advice, tricks, or areas that you discovered you need to clean more frequently?  Please share them below, or on the Nicolyndime Facebook page!

Happy Cleaning!!!!