It’s my Anniversary, and a lot can happen in two years.

Photo credit Max ☢ Foter CC BY-NC-NDTwo years ago, I came to Florida after a whirlwind of emotion and events in my hometown of Pennsylvania.  I’d never lived anywhere else before.  I’d never been a resident of another state, and I hadn’t much been on my own.  After caring for him for years, and then quite intensively for weeks at home, my father had just passed away.  My father’s side of the family did an about face on me for trying to honor my father’s last wishes.  They aren’t the type of group to have anyone tell them no, so this did not go over well.  I was quickly cast out, even at my father’s funeral.  Despicable, I know, but I was ok because I knew I was doing what was right.  My husband, who was already in Florida for work, quickly made arrangements to come to PA.  While I was sitting in the funeral home making final arrangements, I got a call that my husband was being rushed to the hospital.  Kidney stones… which required a few surgeries!  SO…. we buried my father, had an estate sale, packed up my belongings, all while working around husband’s surgeries.  When all that was done, we prepped for the two day drive to Florida.

With a deep breath, I knew I had a new chapter ahead of me.  I was determined to finally start calling my own shots.

After arriving here, I quickly sent out my press kit, and proudly was hired by a local dance studio within 4 months.  I let my passions and my heart guide the way while making smart judgments with my head.  If it wasn’t good for me, I didn’t do it.  I finally put me first.

It paid off.

From that one moment of making the decision to pursue the best for me, I landed that studio dance job.  Then I landed a job teaching aerial dance.  Then I landed a job teaching children creative dance for a summer.  Then I landed a job teaching at the college level.  Finally, I just spearheaded a dance program for figure skaters at a local ice skating rink.

I’m still going strong.

Last year this time, I was lost in an idea of something I wanted to do.  I put it on a shelf, and focused on all the above stuff.  The other day, the sidelined idea finally clicked… and now I’m pursuing that.

I’ve got other projects in the works too.

There’s a reason the end of something always begins something new.  Sometimes the old junk needs to end, so you can turn your eyes to focus on the new stuff.

Don’t be afraid to state what you want out of life, and don’t ever be afraid to ask yourself if it is good for you… or not.  If it’s not, say no.  It’s really that simple.

I pride myself on my reliability.  I guess that’s why my dad confided in me his last wishes.  If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it.  You can count on me.  If I can’t do it, there’s a really good reason.  I used to go into a long story about why I couldn’t do something presented to me at the last minute, or used to feel guilty if I had a way to change my schedule but didn’t feel like it last minute.  Now, I don’t.  I am not the world’s superhero, and I do enough.  Know when to say no.  Know when to take a leap of faith.  Know when to close the book, turn the page for the new chapter, and know when to soar.

PS:  The photo posted above was one of the first photos I posted on my blog.  Still an ongoing project, (and aren’t we all?) I found it because I felt the blog marked the beginning of a new path… that started out with my bright pink (power) lipstick.  The pink pathway that I decided to head down has led me to so many great things, and I can’t wait to see what else is around the bend!

PPS:  I do have a few beauty products that I have been trying out … stay tuned!