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Last year this time I was brewing up ideas to marry my love of thrift store shopping with my blog.  I saw them as ideas that were running in the same vein, but it was hard for me to communicate my vision.  I even sought out creative business coaches, who quickly marketed their packages to me, without really giving me an idea that MY idea could get off the ground.
I let that idea marinate for a year, and kept it simmering on the back burner.  Instead I focused in on teaching dance.  I had enough to keep me busy, teaching dance at the college level, while also teaching aerial dance, and my dance studio job with children.
Once Spring break rolled around, my ideas turned to Summer break.  I ALWAYS have to have some sort of creative thing happening, and I’m happy when I have a lot of ideas swirling around.  Among those ideas were my rental space at a vintage emporium that I discussed last week.
Another idea came to me like a bolt of lightening, and really manifested on it’s own.  There MUST be other people out there like me that love to thrift shop, and there are a ton of thrift stores here, on the Florida Space Coast.  When I first moved here from Pittsburgh, I was unaware of many of them, and I’d happen upon one when taking a new route, then have to remember a landmark to google the location.
Most of them were great, but some of them were downright scary, or not worth my time at all.  Here I was, gathering all this knowledge on thrift store shopping, that I sure wish I would have known when I first moved here!
Knowledge is power right?!
SO let me get to the point….

I’m announcing the Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group!!!

Yes, you can thrift with me!!!
Here’s how it works. will be a source for information regarding meetups.  Anyone can join absolutely free.  And it’s free to join the Nicolyndime thrifting community too.
Once a month I will notify the members in the group, via meetup and the mailing list, when and where our merry band of thrifters will be meeting, and the treasure hunt will ensue.
Make friends, get out of the house, share your passions, have an extra set of eyes looking for your collections, and of course the most important parts of it all are; keeping money local, reducing the impact on the environment, and supporting some awesome charities.
But wait there’s more.  I’ve been hitting the pavement, and I have shopped at every store on our participating thrift stores list.  I went in, all super secret shopper style, and evaluated thrift stores.  If they met my standards, I invited them to be a part of our group to get more shoppers in their stores and promoted among the community.  In return I asked if they would offer an exclusive discount to our members, and the stores in the “participating thrift stores” section here have agreed.  SOOOO
Yearly Memberships for these discounts can be purchased by sending a request to me here.
Or by visiting this link to go right to a checkout.

Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group Membership!?  But what do I get?  I’m so glad you asked!

Retro Thrifting key tag (2)

You get a key tag and membership card along with a welcome letter mailed to your home address for free.  The key tag holder is entitled to special discounts dictated by each thrift store participating.  Be sure to check out the savings on the list.  You’ll also be added to my Nicolyndime Subscriber list, where you will be notified of exclusive events as they pop up through out the year, automatically be enrolled in giveaways, special holiday promotions, and may receive other offers.
You can even download the Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group App in Google Play or Itunes.
I am so excited to have you all come thrift with me.  Be sure to send your request to me here, so you can purchase your membership and get all set to thrift!
(Or here to go straight to the checkout!)
The group’s official launch will be August 17th… National Thrift Store Day of course!
Come on thrifter’s, and let’s paint the Space Coast pink!