Easy Gnome Garden

Have I mentioned only about a trillion zillion times I’m completely gaga over Aldi?  Among the low price, great quality foods, they also have weekly specials of “things” that fit a seasonal bill.  So think things like cleaning equipment in the Spring, holiday storage solutions in the Winter, and other useful seasonal goodies.  The trick with Aldi is, if you want it you better get it while you see it.
Awhile back I saw this cute fairy garden kit in the email flyers I get.  Grocery day was the very next day, and I was so crazy about the idea of getting a little gnome garden that I asked the employee if they had them in stock yet.  She went in the back to check, and she had them, and left me to pick which one I wanted out of three different sets to choose from.

Let me digress to remind you of my obsession with gnomes and fairies and magical creatures.  When I was a wee child my mom would tell me tales of gnomes that lived in the bathtub drain.  (We lived in an apartment.)  She weaved these glorious tales about how they would visit her at night, and she would put makeup on the girls and teach them to do their makeup.  I’d make them little scenes with my dollhouse furniture, and later there would be small treasures tucked away from the gnome folk to me.  To this day I’m not sure these tales were entirely made up, because if anyone possessed the magical power to communicate with the gnome folk, it was her.  Pair this with the imagination of a young child watching “David the Gnome” and “Maya the Bee” growing up, and you get a 30 something with the idea that these mystical hidden worlds really do exist.


Anyway, I selected the gnome kit, only to find out that there was some reason why the code was saying they couldn’t sell it to me.  I was upset, but she took my name and number to let me know if she could get it in the system.  You know, they don’t always call you, especially over a gnome kit…..
But this is a story about how I LOVE Aldi, and of course they did not disappoint.  Within hours, she called me and left me a voicemail saying my kit was tucked safely in the office with my name on it.  I got it later that week.
I’ll admit I didn’t have a vision for this kit.  I figured I’d get a vision from the box, but I didn’t want to put it outside, and then I didn’t want all that dirt inside.

But I have these plants that are thriving inside, so I decided to spruce that up a bit.


See that crazy mini kalanchoe?  I had no idea you had to prune a mini kalanchoe, and if you’re wondering what one looks like if left to run wild…well there ya go.  After doing a tad bit of research (that thing was getting out of control) I found I could cut off the top and start a new plant.  It’s doing well, and I plan to make a few more from that vine I had growing there.

I like that from far away, you can only see the fence, and it’s not until you come closer to investigate the tiny magical realm, that you see my little gnome is hard at work shoveling.

He’s got a mini pet sheep, grazing at his side.


This little gnome world could easily get out of control, and take over the whole table.  I’m prepared to let my imagination run wild, and see what gets added to this tiny world.
If you want to create your own little magical world, you can get similar items at Hobby Lobby, or other craft stores, and be sure to take a nature walk to add some authentic and free elements to your scene.  This would be so cute with some herbs in small pots too.  The plate can be thrifted, but this one came from the Dollar Tree, and so did the plastic pots.   Now go out and create your little magical worlds!