Pamela The Living Doll

When I was little I had the Pamela the Living Doll.  Today I still have the Pamela the Living Doll BUT I didn’t have the stickers that go with the books to the Pamela the Living Doll.

Let me explain.  In the 80’s this “Living Doll” was pretty revolutionary for the time.  Pamela said phrases when you touched her belly, mouth, eyes, etc.  Sold separately, you could purchase Pamela play books that came with reusable decal stickers and voice cards, that when pressed into her chip reading system, allowed her to discuss the adventure theme of the book.  I had several of the books, and if anyone has ever played with reusable decals, then you know that there’s no efficient way to store them.

I stored them stacked on top of one another, in case they wouldn’t stick to the board book.  Somewhere along the lines, my grandmother, who raised me, decided that I wasn’t properly taking care of these stickers, and “threw them out.”  I’m not sure if she really did, but she claimed they were a rumpled mess.  She stored the doll away for me, and actually kept the empty board books too.  When she passed on in 2010, I packed up her apartment and came across my beloved Pamela doll and books.  Actually Pamela was displayed for the seasons in a Christmas and Spring dress… but the books were packed away.

I opened the books and stared at the barren setting of the Pamela worlds.  Her empty mall was devoid of shoppers, the zoo held no animals, and the restaurant looked like it was about to go out of business.  I vowed then to someday own the stickers again.

I’d occasionally look on ebay, and over the past 7 years it was always in the back of my mind.
One day not long ago, I got serious about purchasing the complete books.  After a few searches on ebay, I found a lot that was about $150 for the doll in her box, and a ton of books, most of them duplicates, to go with.  I was pretty serious about purchasing that lot, and even called the seller’s store to inquire.  But in my continuing search, I found another lot that was more my speed.

This one had a well loved, out of the box Pamela, and all of her books with stickers (except for the birthday book which was missing a few) and her nearly complete outfits.  This lot was only about $50 and since I set out for only the books purchased this lot.  To meet the missing stickers needed for the birthday book, I ended up finding a brand new, still in the package, birthday book for only $16, also on ebay.  Isn’t the Ames sticker still on there just darling?

(not the pamela I remember in this ad, but interesting I got her for a better deal now then I would have then!)
My Pamela doll is still packed away, but I now have my set all together once again, and no longer have to stare at barren wastelands once occupied with stickers.  I actually ended up getting a few items that I never had with my original doll, like the beach book, and Pamela’s play outfit, along with her sneakers and headband.

So that is how an adult scouts out the doll she had when she was a kid, and memories come flooding back when she plays with (yes plays with) those sticker scenes.
I was going to post the original commercial here, but I CANNOT because the commercial is disturbing to me (glad I just now saw it in my thirties and not as a child), and I won’t do that to you.  Oddly enough however, a talking and “living” doll does not have me disturbed.  If you want to view the creepfest commercial, where Pamela is left all alone in the woods to encounter an entire UFO filled with aliens (Remember everyone was loving E.T.) then go to youtube and search it.  You’re on your own though because I just had some flashbacks of Unsolved Mysteries…..

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