The Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group Premium Stuff. Is that all you get for your money?

Advertising is well under way for the Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group located on the Florida Space Coast.  We are the first, and right now the only!  The OG.. woot woot!!  I’m trying to sneak this into conversation pretty much with everyone I meet because I want this group to be successful, not only for my own selfish reasons, but because the 11 stores that have put their belief in me, and the various Space Coast people who love to thrift, deserve it.
I don’t often market a product before actually making one.  When I began introducing this idea to thrift stores, there was a clear distinction between those who “got it” and who didn’t.  There was no gray area.  I got, “this is such a great idea” or I got blank, puzzled, and vacant stares.  The ones that got it and believed in it are the ones you see advertised HERE.
That being said, I concocted this idea to make a key tag, without fully knowing that it would work out the way I had planned it.  But good news… those key tags are a lot stronger than I thought they would be, and it worked on the very first try!!!  It was meant to be.
I hand make each membership key tag and ID card when they are ordered, then I send it off in happy mail.  Who wouldn’t love seeing a decorated envelope in their mail among bills and junk?  From the moment you get your membership, I want it to bring a smile to your face!
You get your key tag, all prepped with a key ring so you can just pop that right on and get to saving.  You also get a wallet ID card, in case your tag meets an ill fate.  You also receive a welcome letter, terms and conditions page, a sticker, and a little piece of art from me to you!
That’s what you get in the tangible sense.  But what else do you get?
You get access to a super cool thrifting group that is a community to shop and share.
You get discounts at the Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group participating stores.
You get out of the house, socializing during our monthly meetups
You get to save the environment by shopping at thrift stores.
You get to keep money local, benefiting local charities and groups, improving the very town in which you live.
You get more money in your pocket.
You get more people to help you find what you love.  More eyes in the field mean that you can get the best finds.  At our meetups, I have you pick a buddy to share what they are looking for.  If you see it, flag down your thrifting buddy to let them know!
I’ve got more ideas for the future too… but I’m keeping those cards hidden for now.  (Spoiler alert: Giveaways you are automatically entered into with your membership ID number.)
Interested?  Order your membership here
Please spread the word, share this page, tell your friends, tell the person in line with you at the grocery checkout, so we can get this group a movin and a shakin.