Happy Planner Update

Remember my Happy Planner Haul post last year?  I was tempted to get a brand new Happy Planner to start using this August.  But frugal living is the main name of my game, sooooo I did the responsible thing and used the 6 month extender I purchased last year.
So the other day it looked like this:
So I decided it was a great time to get to work on my planner.
My Happy Planner is an 18 month planner (July ’16 to Dec ’17), so I purchased a 6 month extension packet to get two full years out of my planner.  It didn’t seem to make much sense to let a few months go to waste, even though I was tempted to get a fancy and cute new planner with the numbers already all filled in for me.
Since my yard was flooding, I began to meticulously put the stickers onto the planner on the appropriate days, using the calendar on my computer as a guide.  It actually went really fast, and though this is plain, I can really spruce it up with stickers and little bits of artwork.  I want to try to make my planner more artistic, as that idea kind of fell to he wayside as I got busier in my life.

But looking at a colorful planner, makes me, well… happy!  So my plan is to collage it a bit, and doodle, and maybe use it as a “smash” journal to add some ideas.  I wanted to do more memory keeping, since I do love going back to see what was going on a year ago on that day!

Did you know that you could purchase this 6 month extension, and save money getting two years out of your planner?  It had stickers for the tabs, full month calendar view, and the individual days.

Shop online craft stores, and be sure to use your coupons, and competitor coupons if you need to purchase an extension, or a new happy planner.
Update to original post:  I still LOVE this Happy Planner.  It has so much space to write in all my lists and ideas, and plenty of space to jazz it up.  It really held up in my purse with some minimal wear to the edges of the cover.  I take it everywhere!  To lighten the load of taking it everywhere, I took out every month leading up to June ’17.