Welp, I guess anytime you start something new, there are going to be snafus.  Didn’t the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney break down upon opening?  Anyway, my point is even the best laid plans sometimes hit some speed bumps, but we keep on moving!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am very much a planner.  I think things through, and I write everything down, and I think it through again, then I get on track to make it happen.
So when I started planning our first meetup the beginning of July, I contacted my first thrift store and she was thrilled to be the first location.
Through out the month I began to visit our stores to introduce myself and drop off their welcome kits.  I was surprised to find out our first store was closed, but glad to discover they were just moving locations.  After weeks of back and forth, I got notice at the last minute that the store will set to open just 2 days AFTER our first meetup was scheduled.  Drats.
So I had to move our meetup back two weeks to Sept. 2nd.
That means I have time to plan a little more and that will mean some FREE SWAG!

I’m planning a free swag bag of a thrift store kit to the first 10 members who arrive promptly at 2 pm on our meetup day!  I can’t tell you what it will include or then it wouldn’t be a surprise.  I love free stuff, and I know if you are here, you do too!!!
As always, I try to notify you right away when something has changed.  The ABSOLUTE BEST way to be included is sign up on my email list here:

The Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group

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