It’s this weekend.  We finally made it!  Lots of hard work, running around, and selling my idea so that industrious thrift store party people can come together and search high and low for treasures along the Space Coast, is finally here!

This weekend is our first ever meetup in, what I hope, to be a long line of meetups.  I have lots of ideas for our frugal loving community over the holidays and I really need your help to grow that community fast.  Like warp speed fast.  Let’s get this going y’all!!!!  A party’s not very fun if you’re all by yourself.

Our first meetup is at the brand new location of the Wuesthoff Auxiliary Thrift Store located in Rockledge, this Saturday Sept 2nd, at 2pm.  We are among the first customers to step foot in the store and definitely the first official group to do so.

If you are one of the first ten members to show up, and find me, (I’ll be the one that looks anxious to meet you all outside of the front door) you get a free swag bag filled with essentials every thrifter should have with them when shopping.

There might be an extra special surprise hidden in one lucky bag too!  Will you be the lucky one?  Trick question… you’re already lucky if you are coming to the Nicolyndime Thrifter Meetup!!!

If you can’t make this one… no worries!  There will be others.  Be sure to sign up for the email list so you know instantly about the next one!

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