Happy Mail: A treasure box sent with love

My sister sends me trinkets that she collects and keeps for me until she has a box full of them.  This box couldn’t have shown up at a better time.

Husband and I had to go out of town to something I wasn’t thrilled about going to in the first place.  Be careful what you wish for.

About halfway, at the 3 hour mark, the car starting acting funny. And not like a “haha” funny. Cars aren’t known for their sense of humor.

We got off the highway and found a mechanic who would take a look at our car.  In a few short minutes we got the code that the transmission was running hot.  They told us to limp back home, stop often, let er cool off.  Simmer down now car….

The good news, and long story short, was that nothing seems to be wrong with the car right now (that anyone can identify anyway) and I drove a Kia Soul around for a few days, just for fun.  Living the dangerous life.

But after limping it back, this package was waiting for me.  After the furbaby, this was the second best thing about being home that weekend.

Chock full of treasures that are right up my alley.

Little Christmas miniatures, that I hope to craft with.  I’m keeping the gold presents in the original package.  I just love the “Leewards” printed on it.  This isn’t that old, as Leewards closed in 1994. Thank you google.

Look at all this cool paper “junk.”  Cool junk was what my mom called stuff, and one woman’s junk…one woman’s treasure so you know how that goes.  These are some cute tea themed notecards and recipe cards.

Speaking of paper, I don’t know what this is.  Can someone enlighten me?  I thought maybe a score keeper for bridge, but I haven’t a clue how the game of bridge actually goes.  There’s also table numbers, and those little boxes are matches.  If you have been here awhile, you might not be surprised that I have a not so small matches collection.  That’s totally safe right?  My dad collected them, and I don’t know what the story of all that was, but I inherited those, while my grandma was saving them too, so you guessed it… got those too.  So what large game requires you to have multiple tables of players, and matches?  The world may never know….

There was a note on this that said “Frageeeley”  (It actually said Fragile, not in Italian.)  But the straw inside reminded me of the movie too.  Inside there was indeed a quite fragile, frosted, glass ballerina ornament.  So it was for Christmas after all.

This little clown is one of my favorite little things in this box.  Just a little chotchkee that is just my kitschy style.  The jewelry set is from Avon, and it smells strongly of old lady perfume…. which to me, isn’t a bad thing at all.

Speaking of perfume, look at this intricate perfume bottle!

Handbags that are wonderfully hand created.  Such gorgeous details and accents.

Sister knows I like the gnome folk.  They are among friends. 

I innocently said, “Hey, if you come across any vintage brooches… keep them for me.”  These are about the most beautiful ones I ever have seen.  Each one more beautiful then the next.  I’m part raccoon… I like shiny things.

I’ve got a project in mind for the vintage brooch collection… but it’s going to require some more planning, and maybe some more vintage jewelry.  I’ll have a BOLO going for it whilst thrifting.

Who doesn’t love getting happy mail, especially when it’s a box filled with love?!