Dream Mid Century Living Room

Putting the legal mumbo jumbo up front.  This is an un-sponsored post…. meaning I didn’t make a penny on this, (or any other denomination for that matter) so enjoy it for the eye candy that it is.. alright?

Sometimes you get a spark of inspiration from someone else.  That’s what happened when a company asked me to talk about my dream living room.  I thought a little about how I would use my thrift skills to create that dream living room.  I created this serene and calming blue mid century inspired room filled with furnishing that are mixed with eclectic thrift store finds to create a stylish, fun and laid back living area for entertaining and more.

I’m not so crafty when it comes to fixing up furniture.  I don’t think I can reupholster anything besides a pillow, and as much as I like finding thrift store pieces, I’d probably shop for my main living room pieces brand new.  Remember, the frugal mentality is all about using your budget to create what you want out of life, or in this case, a dream living room.  I should also say I’m not an interior designer, but I believe that if you fill a room with what you love, you’ll love that room, and the haters can pound salt.

Mid Century Modern Inspired Blue Living Room

  1.  Furniture: I think it’s safe to say that mid century isn’t a style choice that is going away any time soon, and I was pleased to see several mid century options out there.  This living room starts out with mid century inspired seating such as a sleek sofa, and a comfy side chair.  The coffee table here can double as an ottoman, or even extra seating for guests.  The light gray is our large piece color which is a safer choice than a big ol blue sofa, and we can use various shades of blue to keep the room from looking too matchy matchy while broadening our color palette.  I threw the bright blue chaise lounge on there because it just seemed so luxurious…. as in, bring me my bons bons dahling!

  2. Lighting: I love a lot of lighting in a room, so here I chose thrifted lamps that I love, while keeping the lampshades all the same shape and color to keep the look cohesive.

  3. Tables and more: I’ve been coming across those old cabinet record players a lot in thrift stores here in Florida.  The natural wood provides an organic feel to the room.  These wooden pieces are easy to find at thrift stores.  To keep the look less “multiple personality disorder,” I chose wood that was stained within a couple shades of one another. One open shelving unit allows for display of all those vintage knick knacks, while preventing clutter.

  4. Seating: This funky blue plastic chair not only infuses some fun into the room, but also can make a great “coat rack” when friends come over to visit.

  5. Bar Cart: I think every 50’s style home must have had a bar cart, even if the inhabitants were non drinkers.  What’s not to love about a little cart that can be rolled and placed anywhere to create an instant mini buffet of hor d’oeurves?  Place glass bottles of IBC flavored soda in lines on the bottom for guests to choose, or even use it to place a 4 foot Christmas tree by a window as a holiday focal point.

  6. Shelving:  I like books, and I never seem to have a place where I could have a free standing book shelf.  If I were handy I could even make this sucker here.  I selected this shelf because I like the idea of finding simple end tables, and stacking them to create a larger shelving unit.  But affix them together somehow… no one wants to play a jenga game that large.

  7. Decorate the walls:  Truth…. I’ve been collecting paintings from thrifts for quite some time now.  Also truth, they are stacked in my spare room because we are too lazy to fill in the holes and touch up the paint when we leave this rental.  Artwork can always breath life into a room.  Finding old large mirrors, or even small mirrors arranged in a grouping, can make the space look larger AND (bonus) reflect light.  This mid century starburst clock could be easily handcrafted by finding a small clock, at a thrift store of course, and adding dowels in varying lengths radiating from the center.  Also photos!  Take your favorite photos and have them copied in sepia or black and white to give them a nostalgic feel.  (BTW, this guy looks like Ronald Reagan in his movie star days.)

  8. Window Dressings:  Another easy and super cheap affordable way to brighten or change a whole room is dressing a window.  My go to solution?  $5 Walmart sheer curtain panels that allow the light to come in.

  9. My favorite part:  The knick knacks!!  I’m a chotchkee girl.  Kitschy chotchkees.  Say that 10 times fast.  This is the easiest thing to thrift over time, as long as you have the patience.  It’s also the easiest thing to change out over time.  I do this constantly, and feel zero guilt when I find something better and boot the old one out.  Why?  Because I got it for a song and supported a charity at the same time by thrifting it.  Sometimes I like to think of it as renting decor because many times it ends up back in the thrift where I found it!  Here I’ve included my still elusive lady head vase, and blue glass vases and vessels, which can also double to hold candy, nuts, and other items for entertaining.  I included a classic mid century pattern teacup to plant a succulent to display.  Since they are hardy they won’t demand your time, and will forgive you if you forget about them for a little.

Putting together a living room from scratch doesn’t have to be daunting, and who cares about rules?  Put the things you love in the room and you can’t help but love it!