A Short and Sweet, Trick Or Treat, Home Tour

If you have been a reader for a while, then you know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for vintage and nostalgic decor.

I’ve collected a little more since last year’s tour.

So let’s take a look…

I got some $3 Aldi Pumpkins for the entrance.  I dug down into the bottom of the pile to get that BIG pumpkin.  I think they will stay here for Thanksgiving, then I’ll roast the seeds.

The space above the kitchen cabinets are a great place to infuse some festive cheer.

And my bread box, and counter tops match!

Of course my Dad’s oak ice box is a focal point.

And there’s my grandma’s pumpkin I talked about last year, in the same, safe, spot.

A mix of vintage blow molds and silhouettes in a vignette.

My last focal point area is this “desk” area in the kitchen.  It ended up being mostly jack o lanterns, along with my glitter houses, and other vintage goodness!

Short and Sweet, Trick or Treat!

Have fun on Halloween!!!!