At the Parrot’s Cove Mall in Cocoa, FL

Arrrrggghhh.  One step closer to being a pirate!  I already hunt out treasures every chance I get, but now I’m hanging out with a parrot weekly.

At my new space at the Parrot’s Cove Mall in Cocoa, FL.

There were some growing tensions with the landlord and the Junkin Jypsy and so the Jypsy is movin on up to create a better environment for their vendors.  They will be located in the Parrot’s Cove Mall and then move to their own building located just adjacent to the Parrot’s Cove.

So really it’s forces combined in order to give customers the ultimate experience.

And that it is….

The space is like tumbling pleasantly and willingly into Wonderland, down the rabbit hole you go.

And in case you want to stop in and see it… all you have to do is

Follow the yellow brick road….

NO… But you CAN just follow these arrows on the floor and it will take you right to my space!

Please go with a lot of time to meander and browse.  There are so many talented vendors.

And leave time to say hi to Angel the talking Parrot

(Note:  For current inventory please visit the tab Nicolyndime at Parrot’s Cover Mall   Photos are updated weekly.)