Chai Latte Recipe

Anytime I’m at a coffee shop, I order a chai latte.

I am a minimalist when it comes to ordering at coffee shops.  I get nervous at Starbucks.  Don’t give me too many options or I’m going to freak out.

Whole milk or soy milk?  I can make that decision.  But adding in shots of flavor, calling it anything but small, medium, or large, or using fancy words are going to intimidate me.

I grew up in a household with instant coffee, and then later my dad got a coffee maker.  He drank it black.  Simple.

I once got nervous at McDonald’s when I ordered a hot latte.  She asked me what flavor.  I paused…. uh… vanilla?  I figured a plain latte was an option, but just to be safe I went with vanilla.  I clearly hadn’t looked at the menu.  I figured it was pretty straight forward…. guess it wasn’t.

Sooooo, when Chai Latte is an option, I go with that.

I remember I first had a chai latte a few years back when a woman was demo-ing the new Keurig in Bed Bath & Beyond, and I selected the chai latte K-cup on a whim.

It was so good it made me purchase a keurig (from craigslist of course) so that I could buy those K cups.  After that, I realized that chai wasn’t so exotic… I’m just sheltered.

I bought the Twinings chai tea, and then the ultra chai, and a chai tea latte mix from Aldi when I happened to see that there.  But none of those came close to an actual chai latte at a bonafide coffee shop.

So, I worked on creating a little zippier version of it at home, and I think I got pretty close to matching it, (at least to satisfy my craving for an overpriced chai latte.)

(I discovered that there are other brands of tea latte mix out there, and of course on amazon.  So if you didn’t happen to get yours at Aldi, you can still make a mean chai latte!)

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