e.l.f. Haul and Reviews: Metallics and Glitter Galore

I got myself some e.l.f.  That’s a hashtag waiting to happen right there….

I wait until I need my favorite brow pencil.  Bet you can’t tell from this photo which one that is….

And because e.l.f is a super awesome company, they usually have a free shipping sale happening and I don’t have to wait long to get extra savings.  I got free shipping AND half off this order.

Here we go…

I’ve been wanting to try some of the rose gold eyeshadow techniques that I have been seeing.  In order to do that I needed some metallics, and they are all the rage now.

Take for instance these makeup transformer gels.  They are supposed to give you a pop of glitter alone or you can layer it over a powder for extra pigment.  It promises glitter and that’s what’s in it!  When I opened the package, I thought the tube was a little thin.  But a little goes a long way here.  It removed easily and left no spot welded glitter behind.  Here I got rose gold, and golden glitz.


Next is the eye primer transformer, matte to metal.  You can take a matte shadow and transform it right on your eyes, and before your eyes, into a metallic look.  I bought Taupe, Silver, and Gold.  I tried it on my arm alone, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it is highly pigmented.  It has a handy doe foot applicator to get precise applications.  It’s fairly non smudging and to remove I had to give a few scrubs on my arm with a baby wipe.  There was NO shimmer left behind.  Impressive.


And these eyeshadows…long lasting in soiree, confetti, and toast.  They have a bit of an oily texture to them, but dry when applied.  The soiree was the most pigmented.  These are also smudge proof, were easily removed, and left no shimmer behind.


This last photo… is my non-ringing endorsement photo (save for the blush and bronzer which was a repurchase for me.)  There’s no swatch here of that, and I didn’t mention the navy liner, which IS swatched here.  It’s a good smooth, non tugging liner… nothing else to say.

The baked eyeshadow, in pixie, is hard to apply.  I have a baked shadow metallic palette from e.l.f which is essentially the same thing.  I find that the product is hard to pick up on my brush, and then there is a lot of fall out on the face, causing you to have highlight in areas you might not want to be highlighted… like right under your eyes.  You can see here it’s barely visible.  This might make a good highlighting bronzer too.


And this velvet matte lipstick called vampy violet is… well… vampy.  You can tell by this photo it looked black.

And you can tell by this photo, it looked nearly black.

It’s a Halloween lip color for me personally.  I’m too pale to pull it off all year.  The application was a bit streaky for me too, less smooth than my other colors in the same product.

Conclusion:  I LOVE my metallic and glitter products, which can actually be used all over the face as a highlighter or even a lip shimmer.  I don’t love the lip color, and I’m indifferent to the baked shadow.

Here’s a look I did with MOSTLY e.l.f products including the Taupe eye primer transformer, and the soiree eyeshadow.  The photo doesn’t do the metallic shadow justice.

Get yourself some e.l.f.!!!