Frugal Gift Ideas for Important People

Hey, Don’t forget these people!

You know the ones that make your life easier… every day.  Don’t take them for granted!  These are the people:

Postal Worker:  They brave all conditions to bring you bills and junk.  But they also bring you good things too, and hey, don’t blame the messenger.  Postal workers must abide by certain laws in accepting gifts.  The full details are here.  Basically they cannot accept cash, or cash equivalent (that they can exchange for cash) over $20.  And the gift should fit in your mailbox.

Sanitation workers, trash collectors, recycle, etc:  Those garbage people take your heaps of smelly garbage, moldy forgotten science experiments from the back of the fridge, and other too gross to think about things.  If you can’t catch them, try to put the gift on top of the trash can clearly marked so that it is NOT trash.  Also try to do this as close to the time that they arrive so no one will steal it.  If someone does steal it… that karma is on them.

School Bus Drivers:  Every year my grandma sent me out of the house and onto my school bus with a token for the bus driver too.  Driving your kids around is an important job.

Teachers and coaches:  You might think about the school teacher, but, and I might be a little impartial to this, also think of all the other teachers in your child’s life.  The lessons that are taught in the classes your children attend, whether it is dance, karate, fencing, soccer, football, tennis, piano, music… whatever it is, are more than you can ever know right now.  I teach plies, and tendus, but I also teach young minds to critically think about problem solving, and build confidence, morals, and discipline in dance class.  We love your kids almost as much as you do.  Any small token is very much appreciated, even if it is a Christmas card with you and your child telling us thank you.

Landscaper:  I have a guy who comes every week in the summer and every other in the winter.  In Florida, with the bugs, and sun, and heat, and dog poo that I might not see to pick up in my yard… the man deserves a little recognition around the holidays!

First responders:  The police, fire, emts…. they are there when I need them, and that’s enough for me.

Current Military:  Try to find a reputable organization to donate to those that are deployed or overseas, or ask around for a local military family who might need some extra cheer.  It’s hard when your spouse isn’t with you during the holidays, because they are doing a service to benefit others.  Military children, and spouses can use a little magic too.

Veterans:  They did their duty, and they deserve some extra special attention.  Again, ask around.  There are so many veterans around us, we can’t even begin to realize.  A card, a handshake, or a thank you might be all they need.

Daycare, Elder Care, Pet Care:  Anyone that cares for something you consider priceless in your absence needs to be remembered!

Hairdresser, Barber, Manicurist, and anyone else that does a personal service for you.

Neighbors that you feel close to, or would like to build a relationship with.  It’s much better to feel like a community than a street of total strangers.

These are the ideas.  Any of these ideas below would make a great gift for any of the important people above.  Make it personal by including small items for a particular person, or career.

Gallon size ziploc bag stuffed with all kinds of snacks, and trinkets.  What shall you put in?  Think lunchbox style of granola bars, trail mix, small bags of coffee, hot cocoa packets, candy canes, gummies, etc.  Keep it fun, and include a lot of variety.  Other ideas are trial size items like hand lotions, lip balms, perfumes, and tissues.  Make it personal to the recipient.  Include a Christmas card with a handwritten thank you.

Lotto ticket.  Not only are you giving the gift of thoughtfulness, but the anticipation of winning!  The only rule is that you can’t be sour if they win. (Might be a little odd to get a total stranger a lotto ticket, but you do what feels right to you!)

Homemade baked goods, candy, or fudge.  Again, this day and age it may be strange to give a complete stranger something you made.  Make sure they know you a little, or you include your info.

Jar of old fashioned hard candy, jar of mixed nuts, holiday wrapped candy like kisses placed in a glass dish.  You can get pretty glass at Dollar Tree or Thrift stores.  Tie it with a ribbon, and include a gift tag.