Vintage Candle Re-do

This is a little pop in during this crazy holiday season to let you know that there is still some time to craft something special.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or time intensive.

Take for instance this vintage candle that sis sent me from PA.  I remember these from my grandma’s decor.  But the candle was well used.  Just a little bit of wax was on the bottom and the wick was long gone.

Luckily I had an idea.  I went to the craft store to get some wax.  I already had some wick on hand in the house, but if you don’t you can either purchase here, where I purchased mine way back… or the craft store.

But have I mentioned I’m cheap?  That wax was expensive.  So I hatched a plan, that included the Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree sells these white candles, and I bought two to melt down.

I used my candle warmer, but this wax was so soft that you could easily scoop it out with a grapefruit spoon or a butter knife.  Be VERY CAREFUL!

If you are scooping, you can melt this down in a glass dish in the microwave or double boiler style… and it wouldn’t take long in the microwave… like 5 second increments and stir till melted.

Then all I did was pour it in and let it set up.  Secure your wick at the top with a stick, or pen.

Now my vintage candle has new life again!

By the way, you could do this with all kinds of FREE containers.  Use old glass jars from the kitchen, clean and dry them, decorate them however you want, and then use my melted wax method to make them into candles.  Use stickers, glitter, or a simple ribbon to fit any theme or style.  You can use more expensive scented candles too!  What a great last minute gift idea!