Merry Christmas 2017!

Merry cluttered Christmas!  Some people call this aesthetic cluttered.  I’m a collector, so I like the cluttered look.  To each their own.  Here’s the tour!

Let’s start out with this years newest trees…..

I wanted a white Christmas Tree with colored lights this year something fierce.  I found my white tree at this great Christmas only church rummage sale that I have attended for two years in a row.  I grabbed some ornaments from around the house (don’t you just have boxes of ornaments just lying around) and then I found these cute drums from the Dollar Tree that kind of reminded me of vintage ones for some reason.  I topped it off with this  lighted star topper, from the rummage sale and bottomed it off with this crocheted skirt, also from the rummage sale.

Then, the grand mother of all trees, that I have been speaking into existence for a few years now…. MY GREAT ALUMINUM TREE FIND!!!! (How do you type out that you want that to be echoing through the rafters?)

There’s a story here and I’m going to tell it whether you want to hear it or not.  My car has been the dickens for a while… just little crap has been breaking enough to be a huge bother… so I had a rental car.  An expensive rental car, that was the only car they had for me.  A bright yellow charger to be exact.  I went to a not so great part of town to find the spot where this tree was being holed up, in said expensive rental car.  I was a little bit uneasy and after calling the estate sale company, finally figured out where the tree was.  I went inside and asked immediately for the tree.  She said it was $200, and when I said ok, nevermind, she quickly asked me to make an offer.  I told her my offer would insult her, but walked around the store anyway trying to get a feel for the price of things.  Things in there were REALLY overpriced for the venue.  Everything was at or above antique prices.  I figured it was a loss, but told her I had $40 in cash.  She said no she was at $100.  (Ok well she’s already come down half off).  I was texting my sister.  I really didn’t want to pay $100.  After really contemplating, figuring out how to put the tree together, and talking to her a bit, she finally said she would do $75, as I was the only one interested.  (I found it hard to believe that.)  The tree was missing a stand… so after some time again, I told her if she would throw in this tree stand (that I found in the store) I’d do $75.  She also threw in some other little decorations, some of which were an electrical fire hazard so I tossed, but I was walking on air!

Here she is… isn’t she a beaut?  Seriously it was a really great deal for a 6 foot aluminum pom pom tree with this many branches.

Here is the traditional tree with a vintage toy vignette underneath it.

The next natural thing to show you is my grandma’s Christmas village, that I have added to a little bit.

  A cozy place to grab a cuppa

  This part is in my little crafty studio

  Even the bathroom got some festive new stuff at the rummage sale with these non matching but kind of matching towels that I collected together.

   And this kinda strange vignette I put together with things that were around my house.  Benefits of being a ballet dancer!  Sugar Plum Fairy/ Toy Soldier hat (that’s really from school band) vignette.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  I’m taking a small vacation to spend time with those that I care about.

See you in 2018!