How to Fix a Broken Compact

You know what’s annoying?  Dropping a brand new compact that shatters!  (That wasn’t fair, I didn’t give you a chance to answer.)

You know what else is annoying……..


I’ll tell you!  It’s an almost used up compact that still has a little more hiding in it that is so small you can’t get your brush into.

All those little bits add up, because it’s actually quite deceiving and there is actually quite a bit in there.

I had been saving two seemingly empty compacts, trying to dab the last bits out, but my powder brush was too large to make an impact.

So I finally decided to try a little trick I had seen around, and IT WORKS!

It’s so simple, it’s funny.

First use a spoon, or a makeup spatula, to carve out those little leftovers, and chop them up.  Pulverize them!  HULK SMASH!

Then combine into one container, and mix with a little rubbing alcohol.  You want to add enough so that it all incorporates together.  Smooth it out as best as possible, trying to get all the little crumbles included.  And allow to dry overnight with the lid off.


In the morning… I had a quarters worth of powder, all from something I was going to toss out!  Works like a charm, and I can’t tell the difference at all.

Save those little empties!