Create Energy/ Create Light

With my 2018 motto of “Create Energy/ Create Light” ringing in the back of my head, I’m seeking out stories and parables of how others create energy and light, and use it as a teaching tool for me too.

Groups are a great way to create community and share the good.  It’s solely the reason why the Nicolyndime blog and the Thrifter’s Group exists!

I’m sharing my top list of Facebook groups for cheapskates like us.  If you haven’t signed up to be on the mailing list yet, this is a perfect chance for you to catch a freebie in doing so!

It was in one of these groups where I saw a touching post about a do gooder in the Goodwill.  I asked if I could share her story here.

Cheryl was shopping at her local Goodwill with her daughter.  The two were at the jewelry counter when she overheard an elderly woman tell the cashier she forgot her wallet, and would have to come back another time to make her purchase.  The weather was bad, and Cheryl felt equally as bad that the woman may have to brave the inclement day.  She said she had been thinking about her mother so much, because her mother loved a Goodwill bargain hunt, and took the opportunity to honor her, and show her daughter a good example by offering to pay for the woman’s purchase.  She was of course so grateful, and told her she would pay it forward.  It made everyone feel good and I’m sure put so many good vibes out into the world!

Just wanted to brighten your day by sharing that beautiful story!