How to Grow Garlic Scapes

Ah… the stinking rose.  Garlic.  I thought this was a fitting post to kick off February.

My garlic started growing in the fridge so I got a thought.  And turns out it wasn’t that crazy.

I put the garlic in water, and was really surprised what happened.

Did you know that you can grow kitchen scraps?  There’s tons to try, but I don’t think any are as easy as garlic and green onions.

If you put the garlic clove in a small amount of water, with the flat end down, you’ve got roots in no time flat.  I mean really, I think it only took a few hours to start to see something happening in there.  Here’s my science experiment.

Within a few days I had these healthy looking green stalks growing.  I just added some water daily.  Now, after about a week… some of that garlic started really stinking.  So I cut those scapes and tossed the garlic cloves.  So now what do I do with my scapes?

  • Treat them just like an herb or scallions:

  • Saute in a bit of oil.

  • Chop and add to potatoes, salads, pizza, or eggs.

  • Put them on the grill.

  • Add to make a butter compound.

And those green onions!  They grow several inches in just a few days.  Eventually the onion is depleted, however you can get a lot more out of your produce this way.  Plus, maybe I don’t get out much, but I kinda liked watching this grow!