Last Minute but Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas (Even If You Have No Time And Little Money)

I love sharing my penny pinching Valentine’s Ideas with you because most significant others don’t need a significant display  EVERY Valentine’s Day, (and chances are if you happen to be someone who DOES need a significant display every year, you won’t find my humble blog interesting so I’ve already lost you….)

So here are my quick, easy, penny pinching Valentine’s Day Ideas, even if you have no time and little money!

  1.  Memory Lane:  Remember that first apartment you moved into and it was so bad that it so wasn’t funny at the time but now you can look back and think it is?  Talk about it!  Maybe you’re just starting out, and you’re in that place right now!  Maybe you can sit around and talk about how you first met, and what you REALLY thought about one another… you know, now that you are comfortably stuck with each other!  Have a conversation.  If you have to, write down moments that happened during that year so that you can keep the conversation rolling.

  2. Movie Night:  It’s very typical to say, “hey wanna watch a movie?”  But you can make it easily special with a little forethought.  Head over to your Dollar Tree and get some boxes of movie candy.  Pop some popcorn.  Grab some popcorn seasoning, and spray butter at the grocery, and set it all up in the kitchen.  Remember your favorite drinks too!  Add some snuggly blankets.  Hey, you can’t get that comfortable in the public theater!

  3. DIY Truffles:  I shared a delicious easy oreo truffle ball recipe in my free holiday cookbook for all my email subscribers.  Unfortunately that door has closed and you can no longer get that cookie book. (I have another current freebie here.)  But you can google and find it pretty quickly…. plus this easy recipe found on allrecipes website.  (One of my favorite recipe sites.)  It’s seriously so cheap and easy that you’ll wonder why you ever spent tons of money on the other stuff.  Plus you can customize these with your love’s favorite toppings, and homemade always is better!  Try rolling them in matcha powder, ground nuts, international delight coffee mix, hot cocoa powder, chopped dried fruit, or any other dry topping.

  4. Chocolate and Flowers:  They are traditional and expected but perhaps for good reason.  Most drugstores and groceries will have these in ample supply, and you can get a great piece of chocolate, or a fancier version in the Aldi store for a great deal.  Remember, Aldi is a German company and Germany is known for their great chocolate!

  5.   Night Time Picnic/ Car Ride/ Stargazing:  Maybe you both are working late?  Take it on the road by packing some snacks; cheese, crackers, dried fruit, Non alcoholic sparkling grape juice, dessert with coffee/hot cocoa in a thermos, or a more elaborate meal, and take a drive to a nice location to star gaze.  If you are in a chilly (or freezing) location, either stay in the car or pack lots of scarves/ gloves/ earmuffs and blankets to get all cozy together.  Bonus to having your car….leave the heat running!  This is an unexpected, kinda spontaneous and whimsical idea, and an excuse to snuggle up!

There you have it… Some ideas that need not be overly complicated, but come straight from the heart to remind your cutie that you love them!