My Top 4 Tricks to Combat the Sniffles

You know when you feel it coming, but you don’t want to give in… but it’s there and it won’t go away.  That little tickle that makes you clear your throat, or that first sneeze tells you something is brewing.

Most people aren’t trying to be frugal when it comes to staying well, but fortunately you don’t have to pick with these tricks.

A. Take a zinc tablet, or an echinacea vitamin, or both RIGHT AWAY.  Even if you get that little something, zinc will lessen the severity and longevity.

B. Emergen C.  I get the store brand… it’s the same thing.. and I get it when I see it is on sale.  In my opinion the raspberry is the best, but I’ve been known to buy whatever is on sale or clearance to have it on the shelf.  Take one RIGHT AWAY!

C. This green tea triple echinacea made by Yogi Tea, I swear is magic.  I get two cups out of each bag, and I will drink several cups of it.  This is important… drink it RIGHT AWAY!  (Are you catching a pattern here?)  I order it online.

D.  Soap.  Yes, you’ve heard it before.  Wash your hands.  Don’t touch your face, and for the love of everything clean, stop putting your fingers in your mouth!  When I get home and get in the door… I wash my hands RIGHT AWAY!  I won’t even pet my dog before I wash my hands.

So there you have it… my 4 easy and frugal ways to combat the sniffles that are still lurking around out there.  Stay Well!

(Fine Print:  You’ll see there are no links here, and no one paid me talk about these products.  This is really what I do, and you gotta live your own life.)