Virtual Event Design


You can do everything else online?  Why not get help designing an event… ammiright?

A small spark of this started years back in my head.  Cue the wavy dream sequence filter…

It was 2008-ish when I started Peachy Keen Party Queen, a children’s event planning business.  I loved putting together creative parties, and planning out the favors, activities, colors, emotions, and all the details that went into that party.

Then I would host these parties throughout the Pittsburgh area and appeared as princess, and party host for many events.  It was exhausting, it was stressful, and I only had one shot.  I would load up the car, arrive on locations I had never seen before, set up in only 1 hour, and host the party.

These experiences however helped me to learn a few things:

  1.  I love planning the DESIGN of a party.  Something totally different than the actual logistics of the party.

  2. I’m really good at planning out event styling and decor for areas that I had never seen before arrival.

  3. I’m also really good at organizing every styling aspect of design.

Number 3 was made clear to me on two occasions.  The first was a party I styled for a one year old birthday party.  I planned every detail so that I could arrive on location and style that location completely on my own.  I had notes, and lists, and I had everything done ahead of time.  Which was a good thing because a week before the party, my lung collapsed and I almost died driving myself to the hospital.

On a side note, I do not recommend this driving yourself to the hospital business.  I was 26 and I thought I had a severe back muscle spasm, NOT a total lung collapse and was not far from St. Peter’s Gates when I finally arrived at the hospital 21 miles later…..

BUT when I wasn’t out of the hospital in time to style the event, I found myself giving instructions to a team of people who had offered to help the show go on… from a hospital bed.

The second time I realized I’m really good at the preparation part, was at my own wedding, which you can imagine I had planned for a solid year.  Every. Last. Styling. Detail.  After the rehearsal dinner, I mysteriously became very overwhelmed, and spent the rest of the night fighting to stay conscious in the bathroom.  NOT HOW I IMAGINED IT.

The good news was that I had organized and labeled every bin that I had packed and loaded into the many vehicles we took to the site.  My sister, brother in law, and my dad were huge in the actual “putting things around” portion of the event.

Here’s why this is good news for you.  If I can tell people from a hospital bed the day before an event, and from a bathroom while nearly fainting the day before my wedding, how to style an event…. I can do that for you too!

Nicolyndime Event Design

So here’s how this goes.

You are lost.  You want to scream.  You come home from work and the last thing you want to do is research which websites have the best deals for linens, which have free shipping for succulents, and what flowers are in season during your event.  You want to rest, you want to relax, you want this done for you.  Or you haven’t any clue what you really want, (like for real) and you wish you had a fairy godmother to reach in your head and pull out these ideas?


The process is pretty simple.  I make a literal road map for you.  I handle all the design details with you in the passenger seat at all times.  You’ll get style boards, and lists of exactly what to order, from where, and even the coupon codes to save you the most money and stretch your dollar.  It’s a literal recipe for making it happen.  And speaking of recipes, I can seek out instructions for diy too.  You’ll get blueprints for how to put it all together, and even your staff can follow my explicit instructions.

If diy isn’t your thing, I can create that too, and ship it to you.

And my design services are way more affordable than hiring a style team to arrive.

If you have time to be a little entertained… click on my story book here to read all the details.  I wrote it myself and I’m pretty proud.

Party design should be fun, so I created this playful way to tell you about everything you’ll get!

If you’re not the “fun” type I’ll summarize:

You send me your inquiry and I get to work.  I design at least one concept and present it to you.  You say, “Yahoo”  and I say “Let’s Go!”  Once you officially become a client, you’ll get design boards for up to 40 elements of your party.  I’m talking about things from centerpieces to bathroom decor.  You’ll also get itemized lists, sourcing, budgeting, coupon codes, timelines, blueprints, creative direction for your vendors, office hours with me, video conferencing, and access to the facebook page (buy, sell, advice).

And right now I’m offering a special soft launch pricing at 75% off.  This price will go up to $1,600, but for now I’m offering it at an astonishing and unbelievable price of $400 total!

Yup $400 for all of that and all the work of designing and thinking done for you.

Instead of design you can:

Eat ice cream

Smooch your loved one

Take the dog for a walk

Take your child to the park

Soak in the bath

Plan your honeymoon

[enter your preferred recreation here]

And with all the money you save, you can:

Buy Ice Cream

Buy your loved one a gift

Buy your dog a treat

Buy your child a gift

Buy bubble bath

Save for your honeymoon

[enter your preferred savings here]

By the way…I’ll probably never offer this package at this low price ever again!!!

And it’s not just for weddings…….

Birthdays, Showers, Reunions, Anniversaries, Proposals, Holiday Parties…..if you are planning a shindig, I can help!

So contact me today!!