Event Help: Invitations

Invitations, Ceremony Programs, and Favor Tags are the most likely paper items that you will need.  Gone are the days where you need to hire an engraver and order invitation charms, wraps, or even rsvps that have envelopes!  If you don’t know what most of that stuff is, I’ll tell you.

They are things that make your invitation heavier.  Heavier invitation = more postage.

Here are my top tips for saving money on all the three most common paper items for your wedding.

  1. Beware all the extra invitation add ons like charms, wrap arounds, extra thick cardstock and specialty papers.

  2. Avoid any irregular shaped envelopes or containers that require handstamping or extra postage.

  3. Avoid darker envelopes that the machines will have a hard time reading so these don’t come back to you.

  4. Use rsvp postcards and only pay for postcard postage, and no additional envelopes

  5. Ordering through sites like Vistaprint allow you to use a coupon code.  Sign up with their email list early and you’ll get a coupon soon.

  6. Vistaprint provides you the exact envelopes you need for your invitation size free of charge, as long as you don’t pick any special requirements.

  7. Use a business card design for favor tags and use a promo code for business cards.

  8. Instead of color printing, pick color paper, and use black ink.

  9. Consider printing one page ceremony programs two per page horizontally.

  10. Remember to only count households for invitations.

Bonus advice:

Learn from my mistake.  I used a popular online guest management system, which worked great.  When I wanted those guests addresses and lists years later, I logged into my account to find they had archived my information without my knowledge.  It took YEARS and an angry Better Business Bureau request to get my information!

Order early so that you can address invites at will, not at a scrambled hurried pace!

Save the dates are optional!  It’s also nice to share an actual bonafide phone call to let someone know you would love them to save your date.  Wouldn’t that be a nice phone call!