Event Help: Meal Planning

Obviously the easiest and often most affordable option is to find an all inclusive venue that charges one flat rate per guest across the board.  But I know you have your dreams and this isn’t always possible in your dream venue.  SOOOO how do you work around feeding a large quantity of people on a budget, with minimal stress, and DIY?

  1. Pick a time of day where you don’t need to feed your guests a full meal.  Think tapas, single bite desserts, or light breakfast.

  2. Beg, borrow, and thrift crock pots and search for crock pot recipes!

  3. Ask a few family friends to make you their famous recipe, in bulk, as a gift to you for your wedding!

  4. Don’t pull any surprises on your guests.  If you plan to only serve them appetizers, say so.  This way you won’t have hungry and disgruntled guests.

  5. Cocktail hour:  Think grazing table.

  6. Two words to feed a crowd: Food Bar.  The possibilities are endless.

  7. Rent or borrow chafing dishes, an buy canned heat from Dollar Tree.

  8. Pick recipes that don’t have to be extremely cold, or extremely hot to taste good.

  9. Serve items on interesting thrifted platters and plates.  Since most people eat first with their eyes, you will still create a striking display.

  10. Serve salads and lots of vegetable dishes with only one or two main budget friendly meat entree options.

  11. Bonus tip:  Serve that budget friendly entree with a great sauce recipe to make your dish different than plain old grilled chicken breast.