Affordable Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Part 1

Photography by A Crystal Clear Sound Video Photobooth

How do I know?  Because this is mine!

Obviously I had a penchant for planning and designing parties before my own wedding.  I planned home theme parties like they were going out of style, and planned parties for my Peachy Keen Party Queen business.  I LOVED every second of planning the design and details.  I had planned home parties for vintage Halloween, nostalgic Christmas morning brunch, a super feminine adult tea, and an Americana birthday for my dad.  Peachy Keen parties were princesses and spas for girls and tweens at their location.

So when I met my husband, and knew almost instinctively that he was the one, I began to daydream about our wedding.

It wasn’t long after we began dating when I stated boldly that I had found the reception location of our wedding.  And that’s how he realized he was going to propose to me!

I’m pretty sure it was at that moment I began thrifting for my wedding.  I already thrifted every other aspect of my life, including parties, and my party business.  The thrift store ALWAYS had exactly what I needed, placed there just for me, at just the right time.  It’s amazing how that happens.  Follow me on Instagram @Nicolyndime to see exactly what I mean.  (Hello 90’s jelly shoes found at the Goodwill clearance center WITHOUT digging!  Ya gotta believe!)

And look, I’d been doing the vintage, chippy, shabby chic, French Country, cottage, barn, rustic, style for a long time before that.  And it could totally be a coincidence that this trend SKYROCKETED right after my wedding, so much so that even Oriental Trading was stocking beautifully printed paper plates in the same style.  Or it could be that I’m that much ahead of trends… haha.  Or it could be that the vintage rustic yada yada yada style is so timeless that it will always be loved.

Whatever the reason, I lucked out in that the thrift stores where I was at the time were so overwhelmed with milk glass that they were pricing it at actual thrift store prices before they got the memo about the trend and in turn I was able to pick up a few pieces AND be discerning on price and style every time I went.

And I also thrifted many other elements of my day.  Or I did it myself.  And I saved a TON!  I mean I saved boatloads and boatloads.

At the time of our wedding in 2013, the average cost of the wedding itself was $29,858.

I had the wedding, rehearsal dinner, after party, and the bridal shower for LESS THAN HALF the cost of 2013 wedding averages.

Over the next few posts I’m going to feature elements of our wedding day and talk about how I saved and how I made them happen!

You don’t have to sacrifice your wedding day vision for budget, and you don’t have to be bullied by the wedding industry.  All you have to do is FIND THE FRUGAL!