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Virtual Holiday Cookie Swap

I’m doing a holiday cookie swap.  A traditional one goes like this:

You make a zillion cookies, and then you take them to a place.  And then you also have to print or hand write a zillion recipes so you can swap all of that stuff with everyone else too.

That might be your thing, but it might not be your thing.  And around these parts I try very hard to give you EASY solutions for your life.  Plus we can’t do the traditional way…so I want to think outside of the box.

So I’m doing things a little different.  We are kicking off some fun holiday posting with….

Cue the tree lighting……

Nicolyndime First Annual Virtual Cookie Swap!

Here’s what you need to do to participate:

  1. Sign up here for the Nicolyndime Email Subscriber List.  If you’re already a member, no need to sign up again.  Deadline to join is Friday Dec 8th.

  2. Send me an email at and tell me the following:  Your cookie recipe title, the ingredients, the directions, your first name or initials and state where you live (only of you want this published) and a little story (if you have one) about your cookie recipe.  A photo of the finished product is helpful too, if you can manage it.  Deadline for submission is Friday November 24th.

  3. You can also send me tips, simple craft projects, traditions, and other ideas to supplement your holiday cheer.

  4. It doesn’t have to be a CHRISTMAS cookie recipe.  In fact, I’d love cookies from all faiths and walks of life!

  5. You automatically get a FREE pdf cookbook of all the recipes that were sent in.  Emailed on Saturday Dec. 9th.

So wait… what you’re telling me is I hand over one cookie recipe, and I get an entire free, easy printable, cookie recipe cookbook in return?

No fees?  No baking?  No hand cramping by writing out thousands of cookie recipes on a little index card?  (Well no, it’s 2017 and that’s what computers are for…)

Yes, I say… you get lots of cookie recipes in return for giving only one. (Or more if you feel like sharing.)

Is this awesome, or what?  Please don’t say “or what.”

There IS a catch:  You have to get these into me by Friday November 24th so that I can steadily, and without a fevered pace, put together a beautiful cookbook.

The recipe book will go out only once… like Santa.

Send me those recipes and ideas folks……



Free Password Printable

Password list
If you are like me, you have about 3 million passwords to sites ranging from your banking institutions to your local pizza place.  I had them all written on a notebook page, but now I can’t even find them on there anymore!!!  So I needed a solution.
A quick search showed me there are password planners, (of course there are) that act like address books.  I didn’t want to order one when I can create a solution to my problem.  And I’ll bet you have the same problem so I’m sharing my solution with you!
This free printable is easy.  Just click and print the PDF.  You can print them back and front, and then fill in the alphabetical information as needed at the top.  Just fold in half and staple them together like a book.  When you need to add a page you can easily do so by removing the staples and inserting a new page.
Organization makes like so much easier, and I hope this quick, free printable will add a little help to manage your chaos.

Click to join photo - Copy

Have you joined my community of like-minded women yet?  I’m looking for women who want to look great and feel great on a budget!  When you sign up you will get a freebie right off the bat, plus I’ll send monthly newsletters recapping all of my posts for the month.  I do honest drugstore beauty reviews, and wholesome inspirational posts to save time and money.

Start the New Year off Right with a fun Organizational DIY!


Today I am ringing in the New Year by showing you a really simple, frugal, and green DIY.  I made this little project a while ago when my Mother in Law came down to visit.  I wanted our guests to know what was on the menu each day, so I used it for that purpose, but this little craft has so many possibilities.

All you need is a picture frame, some paper, and a dry erase marker.  You can get really creative here and use scrapbook paper to match your decor, or a simple notebook paper like I did.  You can also use pretty dry erase colors!

Put the paper in that frame, and then write whatever you want on the glass!  There is some diy involved… tracing and cutting the paper to fit in the frame.  SUPER EASY!

I use mine for lists and messages too!  And because the frame can remain in one central location, you are never looking for bits of notepaper.

I got my frame at the dollar tree, and the markers too!  The paper I already had.  So for $2 I am all organized for the New Year!  By the way, to remove the writing, all you do is wipe clean.  Be frugal to the tenth power by using a piece of cloth instead of paper towel or tissue.

Here is my printable weekly calendar that will fit in a larger frame.

Ocean Waves Weekly Calendar

You can let your imagination soar with this DIY.  How about adding some photos, that you can change out, or adding mementos like movie tickets, flat awards, stickers, and kids drawings!?

Speaking of kids… These would make great chore charts, or classroom award charts.  Older kids could turn this DIY into a game by drawing funny faces over photographs, or scenery photos.  (Younger kiddos might not be trusted with the glass).  Adults (and kids) could use these for a great game of pictionary!  The possibilities are limitless!!!

So keep your grocery lists, messages, and your kids in line by making this super easy and super frugal craft to start your new year off right!




Holiday Nails, and The Winner is Announced!!

Today I’m keeping it short and sweet because I know those that entered are excited to hear the winner of the Spirit of the Season Giveaway!
But first, Here are my Holiday nails:


So festive, and so simple.  Perfect for a nail art challenged person like me.   I basically layered all these polishes.
My biggest hurdle is allowing the coats to dry in between… I don’t like waiting and I don’t like doing nothing!
The polishes I used:


Sinful Colors in Holiday Rebel, Funky Fingers in Fra-gee-lay, Sinful Colors in Queen of Beauty, Ulta Polish in Boogie Nights, Revlon in Saucy, Color Pop in Glitzy.
And just layer that up and you are all ready for Christmas….


And now, without further ado, The winner of my Giveaway is…..
Leeann has already been notified of her winning entry.  I just want to say thank you to everyone who shared, commented, and subscribed to my channel.  It really helps me out, to grow, and to be able to do more giveaways like this in the future!
I’ll be taking a small hiatus on Friday from posting the usual video in order to spend the day with my Hubby and Furbaby.  I love Christmas, and I love the way the spirit seems to float through our mundane tasks in order to make things a bit brighter.  I’d like to take this moment to remind you to take that feeling into the new year, and all throughout.  Remember those who are in need, and try to do something nice each and every day to spread a little cheer.  It doesn’t have to cost a nickel or a dime, and can be a simple as a smile or holding the door for someone.  Be courteous, be gracious, and be humble.  Just imagine how much better the world would be if we could turn on the news and hear more goodwill stories, and less about the sickening and the bad.  It’s time that we all (it’s not someone else’s job) decide that we have had enough, and drown out the bad with the good we can spread, and share.
Happy Holidays, from me, to you and yours.





Frugal Tip: Shopkick

My newest shopping obsession is an app called Shopkick.  It’s free in the app store, and I downloaded it a few weeks ago but just recently tried it out.  Unfortunately no Dollar Tree in the Shopkick app or I would have been tried it out much sooner.  I wanted to test it before I talked about it to recommend to all my blog readers.  It’s surprisingly easy to use, and actually kind of , dare I say, fun.  I thought it would be a great little addition to your Holiday shopping while you are out in the stores already!
Once you download the app you will have to create an account.  It was quick and painless, and in an instant I was exploring the app.  Before I had a chance to get into a listed store, I would randomly open the app and would receive a surprise “kick” (what the app calls points).
I finally got a chance to go for a little scavenger hunt around Walmart.  The app tells you what stores in your area have kicks, but you must have your location turned on in your phone in order for it to work.
There were more kicks available for Walmart but there were several other area stores that had a few.  For some stores you can earn kicks by just walking in.  I followed the instructions to launch the app while walking in, and sure enough while I was approaching the front doors, the notification came up to let me know I had earned my 35 walk in kicks.
While traveling through the store, Shopkick has made it really easy by dividing the products available to scan into categories.  I really liked that I didn’t have to think about that on my own!  I could go right over to the grocery section, personal care, toys, etc. and get all the scans in an orderly fashion.  It was surprisingly easy how quickly I was able to find the products to scan.  Seeing the product image helps a lot with that too.


When you find the product, you simply tap the description and a scanner comes up.  You are to scan the barcode with your phone.  (It doesn’t say scan the barcode, and I had a brainless moment at first when I tried to just scan the product… of course that didn’t work!)  This too was painless, and the phone focused quickly and the scans processed at lightening speed.  If you scan an incorrect product, the app tells you that the barcode didn’t seem to match.  When you do get a match (winner winner chicken dinner) you see a brief ad pop up that you can immediately X out of.
While shopping Walmart, I did a quick experiment to see if products listed under other area stores would also count towards my scans, or if I actually had to be at the actual store.  I located a glade product under the Target listing in the app, and scanned it in Walmart, and I found that it scanned and counted towards my kicks too.
In a one hour shopping trip to Walmart I earned 250 kicks!  The rewards to cash out can range from 500 kicks to way more.  But it’s nice to know that I can cash in my 500 kicks for a $2 Walmart gift card, or can keep earning kicks in order to choose from an array of other gift cards and values.
One other great thing about this app, is that they seem to add products, and more ways to earn kicks often.  I earned almost every kick from Walmart, but by the time I returned home, there were several fragrance sets added.  Next time I am at Walmart, I can earn those too.
Are you going to get rich quick using this app?  NO, but it IS a simple and easy way to earn a little extra.  As I already mentioned, while you are Holiday shopping why not scan a few products that you already might be walking by anyway?  This might also be a great way to keep kids engaged, by allowing them to have a scavenger hunt, and looking for certain products.  (Send out your search crew so you don’t have to take the time to search yourself!)
I’ll be interested to see how long it takes me to earn some more kicks in order to get a gift card.  This is not an app where you earn actual cash, but you can earn gift cards, and there are many to choose from such as Walmart, B&N, Fandango, Sports Authority, Cheesecake Factory, Target, Yankee Candle, and many many more!  In essence this is a totally free way to earn some dollars by just using your time to scan some barcodes.
Let me know if you use the Shopkick App, and remember you can also stack this reward app with the Checkout 51 app I reviewed way back in January!  Enjoy!
UPDATE:  I looked at Shopkick the very next day, and got a surprise kick when opening the app.  I also noticed that several products that I had scanned yesterday were available to scan again, as well as a few new products at Walmart.  I could also gain more kicks for walking in again.  I’m definitely excited to get visiting more stores more often to do more scavenger hunts!

Nicolyndime Spirit of the Season Giveaway!

//“>Enter to Win Here!
Happy Black Friday!  Today check out the channel to see how you could win this prize pack, and probably more goodies as I find them!
It will give you something to do if you are waiting in a crazy insane line at the mall!!!
Contest runs from 11/27/15 to 12/22/15.  Tell your friends, tell your neighbor, tell your pet, tell everyone!  I’m really excited to gift one of my followers a cute prize pack of goodies.  Remember, I’m doing this on my own, with zero third party affiliate.  I have not been paid to promote any of these products.




Free Printable for Thanksgiving

Today I have a simple Thanksgiving Printable for you so that you can make your Turkey Day easier.  If you are like me, when you have a lot of dishes going in and out of the oven at different times, it’s really easy to forget what time you put something in and when it needs to come out!  So I created this simple printable to keep you on track so you don’t burn any sweet potato or green bean casseroles!
Also there is a place where you can keep track of what everyone is going to bring… so you don’t end up eating nothing but green bean casserole!
Free Thanksgiving Printable and Who’s Bringing What?

Thanksgiving dinner plan jpeg


Thanksgiving whos bring what jpeg