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At the Parrot’s Cove Mall in Cocoa, FL

Arrrrggghhh.  One step closer to being a pirate!  I already hunt out treasures every chance I get, but now I’m hanging out with a parrot weekly.

At my new space at the Parrot’s Cove Mall in Cocoa, FL.

There were some growing tensions with the landlord and the Junkin Jypsy and so the Jypsy is movin on up to create a better environment for their vendors.  They will be located in the Parrot’s Cove Mall and then move to their own building located just adjacent to the Parrot’s Cove.

So really it’s forces combined in order to give customers the ultimate experience.

And that it is….

The space is like tumbling pleasantly and willingly into Wonderland, down the rabbit hole you go.

And in case you want to stop in and see it… all you have to do is

Follow the yellow brick road….

NO… But you CAN just follow these arrows on the floor and it will take you right to my space!

Please go with a lot of time to meander and browse.  There are so many talented vendors.

And leave time to say hi to Angel the talking Parrot

(Note:  For current inventory please visit the tab Nicolyndime at Parrot’s Cover Mall   Photos are updated weekly.)

First Ever Space Coast Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group Meetup

It’s this weekend.  We finally made it!  Lots of hard work, running around, and selling my idea so that industrious thrift store party people can come together and search high and low for treasures along the Space Coast, is finally here!

This weekend is our first ever meetup in, what I hope, to be a long line of meetups.  I have lots of ideas for our frugal loving community over the holidays and I really need your help to grow that community fast.  Like warp speed fast.  Let’s get this going y’all!!!!  A party’s not very fun if you’re all by yourself.

Our first meetup is at the brand new location of the Wuesthoff Auxiliary Thrift Store located in Rockledge, this Saturday Sept 2nd, at 2pm.  We are among the first customers to step foot in the store and definitely the first official group to do so.

If you are one of the first ten members to show up, and find me, (I’ll be the one that looks anxious to meet you all outside of the front door) you get a free swag bag filled with essentials every thrifter should have with them when shopping.

There might be an extra special surprise hidden in one lucky bag too!  Will you be the lucky one?  Trick question… you’re already lucky if you are coming to the Nicolyndime Thrifter Meetup!!!

If you can’t make this one… no worries!  There will be others.  Be sure to sign up for the email list so you know instantly about the next one!

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Calling all Weirdos


(I dunno why I haven’t uploaded a gif sooner!)
Calling all Weirdos!!!!  Wait, I need to specify this… let’s reduce that down a bit and get a little more clear on the term weirdo.  I might get what I’m not looking for around these parts.
I am a quirky, kitschy crafter.  There, I said it.  I admit it.  And I embrace it.
My vintage loving, thrift store hunting, estate sale rummaging, and unashamed dumpster diving lifestyle is fun, exciting and thrilling to me.  But rarely are those around me who get it.
I recently reached out to Magpie Ethel, who’s crazy collections, and frivolous creations are the stuff of my dreams.  Her crafting studio is up there with Amanda Hayslip in my eyes.  These women are my role models.  I asked her how she gets people to “get” her work.  She told me she was lucky that her community was very accepting and vintage loving.
They make their art, carefree and unashamed of these odd ball and unique creations, that exist only to bring joy and whimsy into the world.  I’ve struggled to find my artistic voice, but when coming across these Instagram feeds and blogs finally proclaim in my heart and mind, “Yes, there ARE others out there!”  Safety in numbers, I suppose.
So this is a plea, for weirdos like me…..(that sounds a lot like a punk rock lyric) who love to craft with vintage found trinkets, and ephemera.  The ones who want to collect boatloads of “good junk” as mom would call it.  Yacht sized collections of nothing but vintage gumball and cracker jack charms, costume jewelry including earrings with screws on the back that may or not be missing their mates, and other trinkets that once graced the shelves of a vintage dimestore for only 10 cents.  Like those items, I am getting more valuable with age.
I’ve been trying to make this surprise ball… or Nicolyndime Prize Puffs (my husband thought up that name) thing work out for some time.  But in reality, I haven’t REALLY been trying.  I’ve done little to get it out there, and it’s not for giving up or failure of the idea.  In fact, soon I’ll be posting about why I’ve had to back burner this idea for a while.
But like a dog with a bone, I’m not going to give up this idea.  I’ve got some new plans in my mind.  I’ve got some new paths to pursue, and I’ve gotta figure out to work it into my crazy busy schedule!  (Trust me, it’s a very good crazy busy.)
Back to the plea…. If you are like me… I want you to “make thyself known” (another hocus pocus reference).  If you collect, or sell these vintage trinkets, Hong Kong dimestore stuff, vintage craft supplies, vintage cake decorating supplies, love going to estate sales, or ogling images of vintage collections on instagram and pinterest, or relate in anyway to what I’m talkin about here, please leave me a comment to see your blog, IG account, shop, etc.  Introduce yourself please, as I’m looking for a community of like minded individuals!


Thrift Haul

It’s been a while since I’ve showed off my thrift finds.  In two weekends, I ended up finding some cool items.  Let’s take a look:
I stopped into Goodwill after dropping off the leftovers from the yard sale I had a few weeks back.  I ended up coming home with a few new treasures.
I needed this blue poodle in my life.  She found a home in the bathroom with the other 50’s poodles for now.  I lucked out in finding this entire set of vintage inspired gurley looking candles.  Plus I found this “I DO” shoe sticker for a surprise ball.
Then next door for a whooping $1.16 I found that vintage dress in the clearance center.  I love the vintage tag.  I tried to research a bit about the time frame it is from, and I think it might be the 60’s?  I plan to hang it in my someday home craft studio, where I will channel Jennifer Hayslip!  If you aren’t familiar just google her name and her crafting studio.  It’s a dreamy, pastel wonderland!
The following weekend, I headed out on Sunday to an estate sale plus a new Goodwill near me.  Do you see what they built next to it?  This is my kinda shopping plaza.
So I tried out the new one, quite successfully!
Here I found this adorable Garden Tea Party set.  It’s not something I would normally be drawn toward, but the set was so adorable and had so much detail that I could hear my grandma warning me I would be upset if I didn’t buy that!  I’ll incorporate it into my Easter decor soon.  I also got that chicken egg basket, I have to get some fake eggs for it.  The tin is actually a set of three.  I got them for Christmas cookies, and the box in the back contains little plastic cups for a one bite appetizer.  That milk glass bowl already got some use when I made waffles last Monday!
My two porcelain dancers were found at my regular Goodwill.  I had the perfect spot for them:
I went to the estate sale first, but for some reason I’m showing what I got last.  It was a mansion, and even at 50% off on the last day, things were too rich for my taste.  But I got these for really cheap, and I needed this angel food cake pan.
I scooped up that vintage evening bag because it had the matching coin purse still attached.  I’ll keep it for a little while, but it might end up in the shop one day!
That’s all for the last post in February….
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Pink “Thrift Store” Finds

With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I figured I would show off some of my recent and not so recent pink thrift store finds!  Ok, that’s a lie, because a lot of these were at garage and estate sales too, but they are still “thrifted.”
First is my most recent pink find… these three pink Cuisinart pots.  I still have my entire set of my wedding pots and pans, still in the plastic, stacked in my cabinet.  But I needed these pink ones!  I often use the same skillet, and the same stock pot.  It’s just two of us so I never really need more than two burners going at once.
Next is this pink repro pay phone.  I wanted one of these really bad, and I almost bought a red one at an estate sale for $25.  That was before I knew they made this in pink.  I passed on the red one, but happened to be perusing craigslist for garage sales when I spotted this phone in the back of a listing’s photo.  I rushed out there, and this beauty was still there.  I paid $15 for this one.  The previous owner was a 16 year old who was selling this to raise money for shoes for prom.20170213_083211_resized
These next two go together but were found at two separate garage sales.  The pink bridesmaid was in a box with several other colors.  I’ve kept one of each, sold a few in my etsy shop, and still have a few left.  The bride and groom were at an overpriced garage sale.  I felt grateful to find this shabby chic beauty for just $1.
This pink hat was found somewhere in Pittsburgh at a large second hand sale that was held in a convention center.  I negotiated the price down because I bought a few different vintage hats and bundled.  Instant collection!
The last few photos are not thrift finds but I felt like I had to show them off here.  This painting was actually done by my husband.  He made this in high school, long before we ever met, but this shabby chic piece of art is perfect for my style.  And it’s like this big pink vintage style crock with the delicate flowers he painted were done just for me!
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my gerbera sprouted three beautiful blooms.  I have to showcase them here:
And furbaby wants you to know she has a pink dollar tree find too.
Enjoy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

My Vintage Hauls, Three Rummage Sale Trips

I have been honing in on where the good stuff is, and it’s church rummage sales right now.  The church ladies who may have had these items for a very long time decide it’s high time to get rid of some of this “junk” and to raise some cash for the church.  They often price them at a great deal, and that allows a frugal minded gal get wonderful treasures to enjoy in her own decor!!!!
I won’t bore you with the details but instead let the photos speak for themselves…. without further ado…
Sale 1:  A mini sale of the one I just missed out on at a local church.  Next one is in the spring.
50’s plastic tissue box, Cornflower blue corningware tray, Spring Blossom gemco creamer (will be in shop),  50’s vinyl doll, Madame Alexander Happy Meal Doll, two celluloid angels, Lefton Mrs. Claus Salt Shaker, Mini bottle brush tree, and a stack of vintage paper decorations.
Sale 2:  (Same Day)

Vintage Hanky, Stick pins, Vintage books, Blue Cornflower Corningware percolator, Vintage Hat (etsy shop), Collapsible drink cup with pill holder, vintage greeting cards (but I bought just for the box alone, the cards were a bonus) Pepsi SP shakers (Etsy Shop), mini photo album, Tupperware Condiment container, vintage wrapping paper.

Best of all this sale had a free box…. and look at what I found in there!

Those game boards are amazing, those vintage candles, also amazing, and the chatter teeth remind me of A Christmas Story when the teacher opens the drawer of toys she’s confiscated from her students.  I’ll bet not many folks in today’s world know what that little maraca looking thing is.  Venture to take a guess?
Sale 3: The following weekend… it was an entire Christmas Rummage Sale.  Wow!
I got candle lights, vintage electric tree decor, tablecloths, an apron, ornaments, and a red vintage avon candle.  I love the vintage holidays!
I went on an adventure again, so even though this is not a rummage sale haul, I want to include it here:
I absolutely love it when I come across a vintage find that is priced so well, I don’t even have to consider it.  This wedding cake topper was one.  Only $1, and just the right touch of shabby with it’s yellowed millinery.  It was added right to my collection!  That Town and Country Pyrex bowl will get listed in the etsy shop, and the cooky book is a later version of the one I already have, but I’m keeping it.  Bottle brush trees and vintage snowcouple sp shakers round out that day’s finds.
I can’t wait to get out all of my Christmas Decor!!! I’m getting so excited!

Vintage Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving gets overlooked so right after Halloween, I got out my Fall decor to enjoy it as long as possible before Christmas takes over.
Here’s a quick post about my vintage Thanksgiving.  I feel like it’s hard to find these items out in the wild.
Most items in this vignette were my gram’s.  The pumpkin is the same from the Halloween post, but I moved it over here to give it new life in this scene.
Those pilgrims were always right next to this pumpkin growing up, and so it was only fitting that they are back where they belong.
The only found items from this pile here are the vintage corn on the cob s/p shakers.  I found those at an estate sale in PA.  Behind that is this squirrel canister.
I found this at an estate sale in FL last year, and you can read about that adventure here
This little squirrel nut dish was a gift from me to my gramma.  It was very precious to her, and so now it’s equally as precious to me.
I threw some orange Halloween candies in there to give it some color.
And last, this proud turkey was made by my gramma.
I guess I can thank gram for all her vintage Thanksgiving decor.  I hope she’s smiling down seeing all of it on display, still all these years later!


Vintage and Nostalgic Halloween Home Tour

I had a Halloween Party planned… but everyone started cancelling last minute so we had to cancel last minute.  Truth be told, I may not have gotten out my decorations for a second year in a row if it weren’t for planning that party that never came to fruition.
Last year my precious vintage Halloween collection was still in storage, and I didn’t make it there to get it out.  October crept up on me as I was settling into my new life here in Florida.  This year however, I was able to get it out and add to it a bit.
I enjoyed creating my vignettes, and I always enjoy sharing my memories with my blog readers.
What’s Halloween without a Jack o lantern?  My gramma bought this one for me when I was in elementary school.  I don’t remember there being a huge amount of them before this, and I think I had one of the first electric pumpkins ever.  It’s on the good old oak ice box.

On top of the ice box I have my paper mache vintage reproduction collection.  Most of these are from Pat Catan’s back in PA.  That place was always a sure bet for finding some great, super affordable, holiday decor with a vintage flair.  This year I found this tall black cat on the left at Hobby Lobby.  He fits in well with the family.

Here’s my roadside bookshelf adorned with a cheap Party City tinsel garland and other Pat Catan’s gems.  On top is some REAL vintage Halloween stuff.  These vintage blow molds were found for either $1 or less than a dollar a piece at a great little consignment store back home.  I miss that one too.  Definitely on the list when I visit again.
Remember my bare top of kitchen cabinets, and how I was looking to spruce them up in the last post?  I spruced.  I went a-thrifting and found some additions.  That large paper jack o lantern just to the right of the large black and orange pinwheel has lenticular eyes and I think might be vintage or close to it.  It was a large Hallmark card, and someone laminated it to use for years and years.  The candy corn is a plush boyds bears accessory.  I think I’ll continue looking for or making items to add to this little vignette.
On the other side of my kitchen I had planned to clear this area for a buffet.  My autumn cookbooks, thermos avon cologne, and my made by me vintage inspired Halloween noisemakers create a scene.  I also kept my cast iron stove toy/salesman model since it seemed to fit in nicely.
There’s not much space to decorate in the living room, but I finally got out my gramma’s pumpkin.  It’s a ceramic pumpkin her friend made her in 1976.  I remember this being out every year on the coffee table.  Inside were her little yarn scarecrow, and this plastic fall foliage I placed around the house.  The sign is also a Pat Catan’s find.

Lastly is the decor in the main bathroom.  I found that large wax jack o lantern at Goodwill years ago, and the sign was from Pat Catan’s.  To my surprise, after choosing these decorations, I realized the jack o lanterns on the sign and the ones on the towel nearly matched.  A happy accident, as I wasn’t even meaning for that to happen.  The trolls were from my collection as a kid.  Although I downsized, I kept the holiday ones, an also did the same with my rubber duck collection.
Lastly, I had put together this little candy buffet for our guests before the party got cancelled.  Now it will serve as the candy in case we get trick or treaters.
I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!!  Enjoy the start of the Nostalgia Season!