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At the Parrot’s Cove Mall in Cocoa, FL

Arrrrggghhh.  One step closer to being a pirate!  I already hunt out treasures every chance I get, but now I’m hanging out with a parrot weekly.

At my new space at the Parrot’s Cove Mall in Cocoa, FL.

There were some growing tensions with the landlord and the Junkin Jypsy and so the Jypsy is movin on up to create a better environment for their vendors.  They will be located in the Parrot’s Cove Mall and then move to their own building located just adjacent to the Parrot’s Cove.

So really it’s forces combined in order to give customers the ultimate experience.

And that it is….

The space is like tumbling pleasantly and willingly into Wonderland, down the rabbit hole you go.

And in case you want to stop in and see it… all you have to do is

Follow the yellow brick road….

NO… But you CAN just follow these arrows on the floor and it will take you right to my space!

Please go with a lot of time to meander and browse.  There are so many talented vendors.

And leave time to say hi to Angel the talking Parrot

(Note:  For current inventory please visit the tab Nicolyndime at Parrot’s Cover Mall   Photos are updated weekly.)

A Short and Sweet, Trick Or Treat, Home Tour

If you have been a reader for a while, then you know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for vintage and nostalgic decor.

I’ve collected a little more since last year’s tour.

So let’s take a look…

I got some $3 Aldi Pumpkins for the entrance.  I dug down into the bottom of the pile to get that BIG pumpkin.  I think they will stay here for Thanksgiving, then I’ll roast the seeds.

The space above the kitchen cabinets are a great place to infuse some festive cheer.

And my bread box, and counter tops match!

Of course my Dad’s oak ice box is a focal point.

And there’s my grandma’s pumpkin I talked about last year, in the same, safe, spot.

A mix of vintage blow molds and silhouettes in a vignette.

My last focal point area is this “desk” area in the kitchen.  It ended up being mostly jack o lanterns, along with my glitter houses, and other vintage goodness!

Short and Sweet, Trick or Treat!

Have fun on Halloween!!!!




Dream Mid Century Living Room

Putting the legal mumbo jumbo up front.  This is an un-sponsored post…. meaning I didn’t make a penny on this, (or any other denomination for that matter) so enjoy it for the eye candy that it is.. alright?

Sometimes you get a spark of inspiration from someone else.  That’s what happened when a company asked me to talk about my dream living room.  I thought a little about how I would use my thrift skills to create that dream living room.  I created this serene and calming blue mid century inspired room filled with furnishing that are mixed with eclectic thrift store finds to create a stylish, fun and laid back living area for entertaining and more.

I’m not so crafty when it comes to fixing up furniture.  I don’t think I can reupholster anything besides a pillow, and as much as I like finding thrift store pieces, I’d probably shop for my main living room pieces brand new.  Remember, the frugal mentality is all about using your budget to create what you want out of life, or in this case, a dream living room.  I should also say I’m not an interior designer, but I believe that if you fill a room with what you love, you’ll love that room, and the haters can pound salt.

Mid Century Modern Inspired Blue Living Room

  1.  Furniture: I think it’s safe to say that mid century isn’t a style choice that is going away any time soon, and I was pleased to see several mid century options out there.  This living room starts out with mid century inspired seating such as a sleek sofa, and a comfy side chair.  The coffee table here can double as an ottoman, or even extra seating for guests.  The light gray is our large piece color which is a safer choice than a big ol blue sofa, and we can use various shades of blue to keep the room from looking too matchy matchy while broadening our color palette.  I threw the bright blue chaise lounge on there because it just seemed so luxurious…. as in, bring me my bons bons dahling!

  2. Lighting: I love a lot of lighting in a room, so here I chose thrifted lamps that I love, while keeping the lampshades all the same shape and color to keep the look cohesive.

  3. Tables and more: I’ve been coming across those old cabinet record players a lot in thrift stores here in Florida.  The natural wood provides an organic feel to the room.  These wooden pieces are easy to find at thrift stores.  To keep the look less “multiple personality disorder,” I chose wood that was stained within a couple shades of one another. One open shelving unit allows for display of all those vintage knick knacks, while preventing clutter.

  4. Seating: This funky blue plastic chair not only infuses some fun into the room, but also can make a great “coat rack” when friends come over to visit.

  5. Bar Cart: I think every 50’s style home must have had a bar cart, even if the inhabitants were non drinkers.  What’s not to love about a little cart that can be rolled and placed anywhere to create an instant mini buffet of hor d’oeurves?  Place glass bottles of IBC flavored soda in lines on the bottom for guests to choose, or even use it to place a 4 foot Christmas tree by a window as a holiday focal point.

  6. Shelving:  I like books, and I never seem to have a place where I could have a free standing book shelf.  If I were handy I could even make this sucker here.  I selected this shelf because I like the idea of finding simple end tables, and stacking them to create a larger shelving unit.  But affix them together somehow… no one wants to play a jenga game that large.

  7. Decorate the walls:  Truth…. I’ve been collecting paintings from thrifts for quite some time now.  Also truth, they are stacked in my spare room because we are too lazy to fill in the holes and touch up the paint when we leave this rental.  Artwork can always breath life into a room.  Finding old large mirrors, or even small mirrors arranged in a grouping, can make the space look larger AND (bonus) reflect light.  This mid century starburst clock could be easily handcrafted by finding a small clock, at a thrift store of course, and adding dowels in varying lengths radiating from the center.  Also photos!  Take your favorite photos and have them copied in sepia or black and white to give them a nostalgic feel.  (BTW, this guy looks like Ronald Reagan in his movie star days.)

  8. Window Dressings:  Another easy and super cheap affordable way to brighten or change a whole room is dressing a window.  My go to solution?  $5 Walmart sheer curtain panels that allow the light to come in.

  9. My favorite part:  The knick knacks!!  I’m a chotchkee girl.  Kitschy chotchkees.  Say that 10 times fast.  This is the easiest thing to thrift over time, as long as you have the patience.  It’s also the easiest thing to change out over time.  I do this constantly, and feel zero guilt when I find something better and boot the old one out.  Why?  Because I got it for a song and supported a charity at the same time by thrifting it.  Sometimes I like to think of it as renting decor because many times it ends up back in the thrift where I found it!  Here I’ve included my still elusive lady head vase, and blue glass vases and vessels, which can also double to hold candy, nuts, and other items for entertaining.  I included a classic mid century pattern teacup to plant a succulent to display.  Since they are hardy they won’t demand your time, and will forgive you if you forget about them for a little.

Putting together a living room from scratch doesn’t have to be daunting, and who cares about rules?  Put the things you love in the room and you can’t help but love it!

Happy Mail: A treasure box sent with love

My sister sends me trinkets that she collects and keeps for me until she has a box full of them.  This box couldn’t have shown up at a better time.

Husband and I had to go out of town to something I wasn’t thrilled about going to in the first place.  Be careful what you wish for.

About halfway, at the 3 hour mark, the car starting acting funny. And not like a “haha” funny. Cars aren’t known for their sense of humor.

We got off the highway and found a mechanic who would take a look at our car.  In a few short minutes we got the code that the transmission was running hot.  They told us to limp back home, stop often, let er cool off.  Simmer down now car….

The good news, and long story short, was that nothing seems to be wrong with the car right now (that anyone can identify anyway) and I drove a Kia Soul around for a few days, just for fun.  Living the dangerous life.

But after limping it back, this package was waiting for me.  After the furbaby, this was the second best thing about being home that weekend.

Chock full of treasures that are right up my alley.

Little Christmas miniatures, that I hope to craft with.  I’m keeping the gold presents in the original package.  I just love the “Leewards” printed on it.  This isn’t that old, as Leewards closed in 1994. Thank you google.

Look at all this cool paper “junk.”  Cool junk was what my mom called stuff, and one woman’s junk…one woman’s treasure so you know how that goes.  These are some cute tea themed notecards and recipe cards.

Speaking of paper, I don’t know what this is.  Can someone enlighten me?  I thought maybe a score keeper for bridge, but I haven’t a clue how the game of bridge actually goes.  There’s also table numbers, and those little boxes are matches.  If you have been here awhile, you might not be surprised that I have a not so small matches collection.  That’s totally safe right?  My dad collected them, and I don’t know what the story of all that was, but I inherited those, while my grandma was saving them too, so you guessed it… got those too.  So what large game requires you to have multiple tables of players, and matches?  The world may never know….

There was a note on this that said “Frageeeley”  (It actually said Fragile, not in Italian.)  But the straw inside reminded me of the movie too.  Inside there was indeed a quite fragile, frosted, glass ballerina ornament.  So it was for Christmas after all.

This little clown is one of my favorite little things in this box.  Just a little chotchkee that is just my kitschy style.  The jewelry set is from Avon, and it smells strongly of old lady perfume…. which to me, isn’t a bad thing at all.

Speaking of perfume, look at this intricate perfume bottle!

Handbags that are wonderfully hand created.  Such gorgeous details and accents.

Sister knows I like the gnome folk.  They are among friends. 

I innocently said, “Hey, if you come across any vintage brooches… keep them for me.”  These are about the most beautiful ones I ever have seen.  Each one more beautiful then the next.  I’m part raccoon… I like shiny things.

I’ve got a project in mind for the vintage brooch collection… but it’s going to require some more planning, and maybe some more vintage jewelry.  I’ll have a BOLO going for it whilst thrifting.

Who doesn’t love getting happy mail, especially when it’s a box filled with love?!



Pamela The Living Doll

When I was little I had the Pamela the Living Doll.  Today I still have the Pamela the Living Doll BUT I didn’t have the stickers that go with the books to the Pamela the Living Doll.

Let me explain.  In the 80’s this “Living Doll” was pretty revolutionary for the time.  Pamela said phrases when you touched her belly, mouth, eyes, etc.  Sold separately, you could purchase Pamela play books that came with reusable decal stickers and voice cards, that when pressed into her chip reading system, allowed her to discuss the adventure theme of the book.  I had several of the books, and if anyone has ever played with reusable decals, then you know that there’s no efficient way to store them.

I stored them stacked on top of one another, in case they wouldn’t stick to the board book.  Somewhere along the lines, my grandmother, who raised me, decided that I wasn’t properly taking care of these stickers, and “threw them out.”  I’m not sure if she really did, but she claimed they were a rumpled mess.  She stored the doll away for me, and actually kept the empty board books too.  When she passed on in 2010, I packed up her apartment and came across my beloved Pamela doll and books.  Actually Pamela was displayed for the seasons in a Christmas and Spring dress… but the books were packed away.

I opened the books and stared at the barren setting of the Pamela worlds.  Her empty mall was devoid of shoppers, the zoo held no animals, and the restaurant looked like it was about to go out of business.  I vowed then to someday own the stickers again.

I’d occasionally look on ebay, and over the past 7 years it was always in the back of my mind.
One day not long ago, I got serious about purchasing the complete books.  After a few searches on ebay, I found a lot that was about $150 for the doll in her box, and a ton of books, most of them duplicates, to go with.  I was pretty serious about purchasing that lot, and even called the seller’s store to inquire.  But in my continuing search, I found another lot that was more my speed.

This one had a well loved, out of the box Pamela, and all of her books with stickers (except for the birthday book which was missing a few) and her nearly complete outfits.  This lot was only about $50 and since I set out for only the books purchased this lot.  To meet the missing stickers needed for the birthday book, I ended up finding a brand new, still in the package, birthday book for only $16, also on ebay.  Isn’t the Ames sticker still on there just darling?

(not the pamela I remember in this ad, but interesting I got her for a better deal now then I would have then!)
My Pamela doll is still packed away, but I now have my set all together once again, and no longer have to stare at barren wastelands once occupied with stickers.  I actually ended up getting a few items that I never had with my original doll, like the beach book, and Pamela’s play outfit, along with her sneakers and headband.

So that is how an adult scouts out the doll she had when she was a kid, and memories come flooding back when she plays with (yes plays with) those sticker scenes.
I was going to post the original commercial here, but I CANNOT because the commercial is disturbing to me (glad I just now saw it in my thirties and not as a child), and I won’t do that to you.  Oddly enough however, a talking and “living” doll does not have me disturbed.  If you want to view the creepfest commercial, where Pamela is left all alone in the woods to encounter an entire UFO filled with aliens (Remember everyone was loving E.T.) then go to youtube and search it.  You’re on your own though because I just had some flashbacks of Unsolved Mysteries…..

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My Rental Space as a Vendor

Starting small is still starting.  A week ago I finally just did it, and started renting a small space at a local junktique place.  When I say small….I mean you can’t get much smaller.  It’s a shelf, but it’s a great start to see what it’s like.



This place is so cute, and I must have driven past it a million time since we moved here two years ago.  Sometime not long ago, I noticed this cute vintage trailer and stopped in when I saw a yard sale happening outside.


After going inside, I was hooked on this quaint atmosphere.  It smells of essential oils, and creativity!  It’s like being a kid again.




I love browsing all of the vendor spaces.  It’s a medium sized emporium, where I don’t feel lost in a sea of endless vendors.


I forgot to measure my shelf space, but it was hard to imagine how it would all look when I was at home anyway.  I took a few more items than would fit to swap some things out until I got it just so.



I finally settled on this vintage breakfast scheme on the bottom.  You’ve got your casserole dishes, your syrup, your cream for your coffee, orange juice jug, mixing bowl for your pancakes, glasses, and egg carton.


On the top, I put together this little 4th of July vignette.


And at the middle shelf, you can get a gift for someone, or decorate your cakes!


I mean seriously how cute is this awesome little gem along the highway!



Happy Easter!

Last year I didn’t get all of my Easter decor out because I had basically just moved in here, and I couldn’t bear to unpack and repack one more thing in it’s entirety.  But this year, I have gone all out for all the holidays.  I got out all the Easter decor, and I think it looks so cute all together.
All of these decorations are thrifted or from my gramma and my mom.  Because I’m constantly drawn to the style I grew up with, my grandma’s and my mom’s  decor, it’s hard to tell what I thrifted and what is originally theirs.
These bunnies are all hanging out together.  They waited a long time for the Easter Bunny to arrive.
A few of these are from my mom.  She had a cardboard German egg, and this year I found the one with the ducks on it at an estate sale here.
Almost everything in this kitchen corner is new.
If you remember, I talked about my little odd ball find at Goodwill, of this cute little tea set.
After I showed a photo to my sister, she sent me her set.  I can’t believe she had the same set!  Sadly a few of the pieces did not make it, BUT the tea cups and the additional settings did, so now I have an extended set.  It’s really cute, but I didn’t have the space to set it all up.  I think it would make an adorable center piece to a cute Easter table one day…..
A close up of all my moms small treasures.  She collected these in her travels.
I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend.  Short and sweet post to close the holiday weekend and start off your week!

Calling all Weirdos


(I dunno why I haven’t uploaded a gif sooner!)
Calling all Weirdos!!!!  Wait, I need to specify this… let’s reduce that down a bit and get a little more clear on the term weirdo.  I might get what I’m not looking for around these parts.
I am a quirky, kitschy crafter.  There, I said it.  I admit it.  And I embrace it.
My vintage loving, thrift store hunting, estate sale rummaging, and unashamed dumpster diving lifestyle is fun, exciting and thrilling to me.  But rarely are those around me who get it.
I recently reached out to Magpie Ethel, who’s crazy collections, and frivolous creations are the stuff of my dreams.  Her crafting studio is up there with Amanda Hayslip in my eyes.  These women are my role models.  I asked her how she gets people to “get” her work.  She told me she was lucky that her community was very accepting and vintage loving.
They make their art, carefree and unashamed of these odd ball and unique creations, that exist only to bring joy and whimsy into the world.  I’ve struggled to find my artistic voice, but when coming across these Instagram feeds and blogs finally proclaim in my heart and mind, “Yes, there ARE others out there!”  Safety in numbers, I suppose.
So this is a plea, for weirdos like me…..(that sounds a lot like a punk rock lyric) who love to craft with vintage found trinkets, and ephemera.  The ones who want to collect boatloads of “good junk” as mom would call it.  Yacht sized collections of nothing but vintage gumball and cracker jack charms, costume jewelry including earrings with screws on the back that may or not be missing their mates, and other trinkets that once graced the shelves of a vintage dimestore for only 10 cents.  Like those items, I am getting more valuable with age.
I’ve been trying to make this surprise ball… or Nicolyndime Prize Puffs (my husband thought up that name) thing work out for some time.  But in reality, I haven’t REALLY been trying.  I’ve done little to get it out there, and it’s not for giving up or failure of the idea.  In fact, soon I’ll be posting about why I’ve had to back burner this idea for a while.
But like a dog with a bone, I’m not going to give up this idea.  I’ve got some new plans in my mind.  I’ve got some new paths to pursue, and I’ve gotta figure out to work it into my crazy busy schedule!  (Trust me, it’s a very good crazy busy.)
Back to the plea…. If you are like me… I want you to “make thyself known” (another hocus pocus reference).  If you collect, or sell these vintage trinkets, Hong Kong dimestore stuff, vintage craft supplies, vintage cake decorating supplies, love going to estate sales, or ogling images of vintage collections on instagram and pinterest, or relate in anyway to what I’m talkin about here, please leave me a comment to see your blog, IG account, shop, etc.  Introduce yourself please, as I’m looking for a community of like minded individuals!


Thrift Haul

It’s been a while since I’ve showed off my thrift finds.  In two weekends, I ended up finding some cool items.  Let’s take a look:
I stopped into Goodwill after dropping off the leftovers from the yard sale I had a few weeks back.  I ended up coming home with a few new treasures.
I needed this blue poodle in my life.  She found a home in the bathroom with the other 50’s poodles for now.  I lucked out in finding this entire set of vintage inspired gurley looking candles.  Plus I found this “I DO” shoe sticker for a surprise ball.
Then next door for a whooping $1.16 I found that vintage dress in the clearance center.  I love the vintage tag.  I tried to research a bit about the time frame it is from, and I think it might be the 60’s?  I plan to hang it in my someday home craft studio, where I will channel Jennifer Hayslip!  If you aren’t familiar just google her name and her crafting studio.  It’s a dreamy, pastel wonderland!
The following weekend, I headed out on Sunday to an estate sale plus a new Goodwill near me.  Do you see what they built next to it?  This is my kinda shopping plaza.
So I tried out the new one, quite successfully!
Here I found this adorable Garden Tea Party set.  It’s not something I would normally be drawn toward, but the set was so adorable and had so much detail that I could hear my grandma warning me I would be upset if I didn’t buy that!  I’ll incorporate it into my Easter decor soon.  I also got that chicken egg basket, I have to get some fake eggs for it.  The tin is actually a set of three.  I got them for Christmas cookies, and the box in the back contains little plastic cups for a one bite appetizer.  That milk glass bowl already got some use when I made waffles last Monday!
My two porcelain dancers were found at my regular Goodwill.  I had the perfect spot for them:
I went to the estate sale first, but for some reason I’m showing what I got last.  It was a mansion, and even at 50% off on the last day, things were too rich for my taste.  But I got these for really cheap, and I needed this angel food cake pan.
I scooped up that vintage evening bag because it had the matching coin purse still attached.  I’ll keep it for a little while, but it might end up in the shop one day!
That’s all for the last post in February….
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