Nicolyndime Virtual Makeup Lesson

Here’s the story, morning glory.

I’m a makeup artist, from Pennsylvania, where the laws are different than where I am right now… in Florida.

In Florida, you have to hold a Facial Specialist License in order to do makeup.  I don’t want to be a Facial Specialist.  I want to be a makeup artist… which is why I went to makeup school in PA.

In Florida, you cannot physically do someone’s makeup in exchange for money without holding this license, UNLESS you sell makeup products.  (Maybe someday I’ll have my own cosmetic line…. #goals.)  I have a lot of viewpoints on these laws, which I’ll keep to myself.

Now, this is a lesser known law and there are many makeup artists out in the Florida sun that aren’t abiding by this law, and that’s totally cool, they need to live their lives.  I am a painful rule follower, mainly for fear of ramifications for myself and my family.  I’m not about to go down for some foundation and lip color.

This is a good thing and a bad thing.  Bad thing… see above.  Good thing because my real passion isn’t to do your makeup one and done, but to teach you how to do your makeup so that you see your true beautiful self.  Makeup enhances, is fun, is transformative, and empowering.  You should re-create that look if you want to.

More good news… this service is about the cost of one professional makeup appointment!

What all do you get?  I’m so glad you asked:

  • Free Consultation:  Tell me about your skincare routine, your skin type, give me a photo of your face (selfie time) and show me all kinds of photos of the look you want to create!  Tell me your wants and needs for your look.  Does it have to be long lasting, waterproof, full coverage, or low maintenance?  What’s your skincare and makeup budget?  Let me know below!

  • List of product suggestions:  I’m going to research like a mad woman.. the best products for you.  And where will you get those products?  The drugstore, because the price is right and the convenience is unparalleled.  Also most drugstores allow you to return products that do not work out for you.

  • 1st online video chat:  This one is just for us to discuss your products.  You’ll need to go out and purchase for our next video chat lesson. (20 minutes)

  • 2nd online video chat:  You’ll get your products and tell me you’re ready.  We will set up an appointment time, and then you have a full 40 minute lesson to learn to do your look.  (And here’s the thing…I won’t shut down the computer at exactly 40 minutes, but you also should know I can’t hang out for 4 hours.)

  • At the conclusion of the lesson, you’ll get my easy to follow face chart, the how to guide and the products listed again so you won’t feel lost when we end our video chat.




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