No scavenging here.  You’re a straight forward one aren’t ya?  Here are the lists to get on:

Nicolyndime Blog: Perfect if you want a monthly update on all this nonsense I’m throwing down.  Expect frugal lifestyle talk, general positive encouragement, and really anything that I might think you might like.  Which, lets face it, is all about the cheap life!  You don’t have to call yourself cheap though.  You can pick and choose what you want.  I’m cheap, excuse me, frugal enough for all of us.

The Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group:  If you’re local, (live in or visit the Florida Space Coast), like hanging out with friends, and want to treasure hunt as much as a pirate, this one’s for you. Monthly meetups, games, occasional free swag, chit chat, second opinions, complements, and a general good feeling about your day can be side effects of long term use.  




Nicolyndime Premium Thrifter’s Group Members:  If you want to take the Thrifter’s Group up a notch and throw that extra cash you saved towards more savings, you can purchase a Premium Membership for an annual fee.  You’ll get discounts to all of our participating thrift stores when you shop, and exclusive VIP secret member stuff like automatic giveaways, members only discount codes, advance notice and invites to special events, members only invites, and whatever else I can think of to treat you like royalty, my friend. 


If you’re as indecisive as me… don’t pick just one.  I’d love to have you on board!  I promise not to send you spam, and chances are, if you like it here, I’m probably not all that annoying.